Pattern Review: Baby Dinosaur


IMG_1487 IMG_1486

Today’s post is just a quick shout out to a wonderful fellow blogger First Day of Mae and her awesome pattern. As you all probably know I am trying to make things for baby rather than buy. I made this cute little baby dinosaur for Carl last month. It was easy peasy. Her pattern can be found here.



Scrap Stash Musings: Scrappy Frame Craft Display

Hello all!

I am trying to get back into the swing of Scrap Stash Musings posts because they are some of my favorites! Today’s scrappy post is a redesigning of a plain picture frame into something awesome!

To make this you will need a plane wooden frame (sorry no before pics)

A basket o scraps

some hot glue

some rick rack and ribbon

push pins

What I did when making mine was cut or tear the fabric into strips. The strips do not have to be all the same size, but it helps if they are longer. You could use all one type of fabric or just extra scraps like I did. Once I had a pretty good pile of strips I started at a corner, attached the strip with glue in the back and started wrapping it around the frame. Then you just repeat until you are finished with the whole frame. You can then add the rows of rick rack and ribbon. I did this with push pins and hot glue but there isn’t one right way.


My frame is a display for selling my wares at craft shows. I am not entirely done with it as I would like to have it stand on its own,but from now I really like it.  I may also add a fabric backing. You could use this frame for displaying pictures, or hanging notes or whatever you like now that it has been prettified. Let your imagination run wild.


Here is a shot of how it looks with my whole display.


Scrap Stash Musings Saturday! DIY Cup Cozy


I know it feels like forever since I wrote about anything to do with scrappy fabric projects so I thought I would give you all a sneak peak into what I have been doing with my fabric scraps.



IMG_1065All of these cup cozies were made entirely with pieces of scraps from my monstrous scrap basket. My favorite is the vintage crocheted flower one, but I love them all. These are available in my Etsy shop but if you all want to make a neat cup cozy of your own here are a few great tutorials.

Crafty Staci is by far the queen of the cup cozy. She has several tutorials, but I really like this one. Here is another scrappy cozy tutorial. However you decide to make it they are fun and easy and it is the time of year that we all want to curl up with something warm. They also make great gifts. I think I am going to make a ton more!

Don’t forget to check out my Scrap Stash Musings board on Pinterest!

What are you all crating this weekend?


What to do with all those vintage hankies?

A lot has been rather rapidly changing in my life this month. I did not at all see myself where I am right now at the beginning of the month. I’m getting ready to move. This is not what I expected to be doing. Despite all the fluctuating life-ness I have been thinking on a project. 

wpid-wp-1406119978998.jpeg wpid-wp-1406119996358.jpeg

I want to take these, a ton more like them, and make something like this:


These are curtains made by Maggie and the Sparrow from vintage hankies and linens. I have been picking up the linens for a quarter a piece from thrift stores, sometimes a little more from the antique shops.



This is another one I really like from Rose Hip.

I might hang them as curtains, use them as a table cloth, or even hang them about my bed, something like this. 

What are you inspired to do this weekend?


Scrap Stash Musings: Framed pincushion tutorial

Good morning! I am joining the Pinworthy Projects Party from Domestic Superhero.

domestic superhero

I hope you all enjoy my tutorial for framed pincushions. This is a great way to use up those fabric scraps. On my yard sale adventure last week I picked up a few of these mini frames for a quarter a piece.

You will need:

Fabric scraps


something to stuff your pin cushion with

hot glue

craft thread

a needle

and whatever you need to decorate your frame (if needed)


I chose to paint my frames!

I painted the heart shaped one yellow, then added some glitter to some modge podge!


After you get your frames ready I suggest painting them with a coat of sealant. I used modge podge.

Next, you will need to pick out your fabric, then using the glass from your frame, trace around the glass, loosely, leaving about an inch of space and cut out your shape.


After the shape is cut out you will need to break out the needle and thread and make a straight stitches around the edges. It should look something like this.


Pull it together, leaving the thread and needle in and untied. Stuff the shape. Then slip the glass piece in the pack, pulling the thread taught to pull the fabric edges around it.


I secured my fabric edges to the glass with hot glue and tied the thread off. After this step you are read to stuff the cushion back through the frame.


Put the back on and you are done!

I liked it so well that I made two!





Scrap Stash Musings: Foray into Applique


Last week we made a bag. Here is the tutorial

This week I am going to dip my toes into the world of applique. To use up those scraps and add something nice to this bag that I made for the sister.

1. I first decided on what scrap fabric I was going to use, and then decided on a cat. I just free hand cut the cat out. If there is a lot of interest I will make a pattern for the cat.


2. After cutting the cat out I went ahead and put a face on the kitty cat!

Here is the nose and mouth:


This is just an upside down felt heart, and a hand stitched mouth.

Here are the whiskers:


I free hand stitched the whiskers

And finally the eyes:


I went with a yellow and green theme here.

Here is the finished face:


3. Next, I cut out the piece of Heat and bond lite and ironed our cat down.


4. The last part is the trickiest. I had to pick a stitch and stitch the cat to the bag. I picked a loose zig zag.


Here is the finished product. What do you think?



Crafting update and Range excursions

Coffee is important. Everyone should have some. I did something wild and crazy and unlike me yesterday. I went to the firing range with the husband. It was hot and sunny and loud. Steven was in need of some practice before range week at academy, which is coming up next week. We have a strange marriage for LEO’s in that most things that we can do together, we do. For instance, I came with him when he ran the practice course for academy with his department training officer. I was the one in the squad car that Steven was pushing with her foot controlling the brake. Yesterday I watched him reacquaint himself with his duty weapon. His night shift partner is an awesome competitive marksman and was there to give pointers and such.

They worked on accuracy and stances and general methodology of how to hit the target. I don’t have a fear of firearms or loud noises so it was actually a fairly pleasant experience, other than the rowdy ROTC people trying to recruit hapless high school students in the background. We got to share the range yesterday. The wind was blowing so it was actually fairly pleasant. I sat in the grass and wrote and watched.

This has been a good crafting week. I have had a lot of fun with it. I am actually getting near the end of my scrap fabric box. I got to move them into a box about half the original size.

Here are some of the fun things I worked on this week.

Hand embroidered coffee cozies. These were a lot of fun.

DSC03547 DSC03548 DSC03541 DSC03538


Cute fabric flower arrangement


And I made this neat bag for my sister earlier this week.



Now I just have to decide what to work on next week.

Have a wonderful Palm Sunday!


Sunshine and Scrap Stash Musings: Fabric Flower Bouquets

I had a really great day today! I walked about 4 miles, I mowed my lawn which is usually a husband duty, but husband is currently absent) , I got to hear a great talk by our awesome Associate Rector Callie Plunket-Brewton and I got to spend some time with a cute little one. It was an awesome day.

As a part of this awesome day I worked one of the Scrap Stash musings projects from my post earlier this week:


I thought it turned out really well.


DSC03527 DSC03526

I put my little arrangement into some left over votive holders and used crepe paper to cover the styrofoam they are anchored in. Here is a great tutorial for the flowers!


It was a beautiful day out.


I hope you got a chance to sniff the flowers.


Pinterest Round Up: Fabric Flower Projects

Here is my Pinterest Round up in keep with finding uses for those scrap fabrics I give you ideas for using Fabric Flowers as well as some tutorials on how to make them.


2010-05-05 16.28.38

Tutorial here!




I am in love with this spring flower arrangement. I want to make one for my office. The tutorial can be found here.


I love these! I made a ton. Here is a great tutorial.


Lee Lynn  -  Teal, Orange, and brown  rosette bib statement necklace. $38.99, via Etsy.

This is such a cute necklace!


Lovin this unique handmade fabric flower vintage jewelry bracelet. Ladies time to look in your jewelery boxes and start creating....

And some other cute jewelry!


Definetly want to make something like this for a spring themed wreathe! LOVE IT, and it's so simple and chic! Plus I love homemade decor, it adds such a personal touch :)

Something like this is going in my office!


Lil Girl Springtime Tote Free Sewing Tutorial

This comes with two neat tutorials


Custom Embroidered Pillow with Rosette and Fabric Flower Appliqué - Memory Pillow via Etsy

This would probably take forever but it would look cute in my office!


Tea Rose Home: Tutorial ~ She Wears Flowers

And finally, this seems like a really neat way to dress up a cardigan!


If you like what you see then check out my Pinterest boards for other inspiration. I will pick one or maybe a few of these ideas to make a tutorial of in the next few days! Comment on what you might like to learn how to make.



Scrap Stash Musings: Quilted Pin Cushion Tutorial

Step 1: Decide on what fabrics that you want to use. This is a fluid tutorial and it is a fluid project. You can add or subtract things as you feel like it. It does not have to be a certain way. I would advise picking one piece as your base. I chose a 5″x10″ rectangle of pink floral scrap material.


Step 2: Once I had my base I cut out a scrap piece of felt and sewed it down onto it.

Step 3: I then pinned down strip onto my original piece:

DSC03277 DSC03278

And then I cut and pinned some more:


Step 4: Sew the pieces down

DSC03288 DSC03292

Step 5: I added a bit of ric rac and you can ad any decorations you wish.


Step 6: Sew the sides together leaving one end open to stuff

Step 7: Stuff your pin cushion. I stuffed mine with steel wool and tiny scrap fabric pieces


IDSC03299 DSC03300


Step 8: fold your ends under and sew the end closed.





And voila! Easy peasy lemon squeazy.