Holy moly week

It has been a long, terrible, awful, beautiful few weeks. Long is Holy Week, being at work more than at home, being kept awake by sheer caffeine volume. Long is coming home after only being there a tiny little bitty bit. It has been….up and down.

I’ve boiled 15 dozen eggs:


I’ve made some (not as good as I wanted) scones:


And I have experienced the up and down temperatures. Up nad down and up and down and rain and dry and I am ready for it to even out. But here is a little beautiful nature I got a shot of during the less awful weather.


And I have been working on a shorts refashion, which is actually finished now, but the tutorial is in the works.


Next on my list is this awesome crafty project.

seven thirty three - - - a creative blog: Altoids Tin {Craft Round-Up}

What have you all been working on?

Have a lovely day.



Stretching Pennies: Refashioned pillow case tote bag!


I haven’t done a refashion in a while and this seemed like a good time. This is going to be a Stretching Pennies refashion. I decided to make a tote bag to wrap my sisters birthday gifts. I already had the pillow case from a set of sheets that have long since worn out in the washer and gone on to better things, like the pair of pajama pants I made for the husband many moons ago. This is a simple tutorial for the bag. Let me know what you all think!DSC03481

1. First you will need to pick out a pillow case, any will do. Once you have your pillow case picked out decide how much you want to box the corners. There are great tutorials out there for that technique but here is a quick refresher.

2. Box the corners!


Turn your pillow case wrong side out and find the bottom corner seems. From there you measure down the side seems however much you want to box the corners. I did four inches, which is a lot but that is what I was feeling at the moment. At the four inch mark you want to gather the material with your bottom seam matching up with the side seem and pin the triangle that you are going to sew down and cut off.

As demonstrated here


One you sew them down cut the triangles off and throw them in your scrap box.

3. Now turn your bag right side out and it should look something like this.


4. From there you can cut it down to whatever size you wish.


5. You will then need to sew the top seem down.


6. And now you can add straps. I made straps out of material that I had sitting around, or you can use ribbon or the leftovers from your pillow case to make them.  Once your straps are sewn down you are done!


Simple and easy!

Next week I will be showing you all my first adventures in applique on this bag. Here is the completed and appliqued project.

DSC03505 DSC03503

What do ya’ll think?


Stretching Pennies Refashion: Jeans to Capris

Hello All.

Happy Memorial Day!

If you saw my post from a couple of days ago there were several things I was working on.One of them is a jeans refashion that I would like to share with you.

I started out with a pair of jeans that I bought on sale about a year ago. Due to the fact that I am altitudely challenged I can never find jeans of the right length, these were about 4 inches too long though which is ridiculous even for me. I didn’t mind since it was winter and I could just stuff the extra length in my boots and go about my business. After I had been wearing them about 3 months I ripped the bottom…still wasn’t a big deal since my boots covered it. There were also two holes beginning to for below the pockets which is not good. Now that it is summer time, and with my new job (more to come on that later) I thought it might be time to make them more versatile.

So here they are:

DSC02469 DSC02466

Isn’t the color awesome?

Anyway the first thing I did was get out a pair of shorts that I liked and cut them a bit longer for comfy capris.


I recommend always cutting longer than you think you are going to need. You can always cut more, but the adding is harder to do.

Here they are on my after the cutting:


I like the length, now to hem them.


DSC02467 - Copy DSC02468 - Copy

Now to fix these two holes. What I did was a combination of methods I have read about other people trying. I took two patches from the leftover bottom of the jeans, pinned them on the wrong side of the fabric, with the right side facing the holes, then zig zag stitched across the patch and holes to keep the holes form getting any bigger, but also to keep the patch on the inside and preserve the cuteness of the pants. The key that I found was to match the thread color to the color of the outside of your jeans as much as possible.

Here are the finished pants:


Aren’t they cute?

What have you refashioned lately?

Lots of projects

I’m hoping everyone has had a good weekend. I thought I would share my current projects with you all.


I love, love, love these jeans, but I bought them at a sale and they are about 4 inches too long. In the winter I could just stuff the extra length in boots, but then I ripped them..and it is summer So I decided to try a pair of capri pants. I will also have to repair the holes that are starting to form near the top. I got them cut and one leg hemmed before I broke my needle.

Now I am forced to clean up my sewing things in order to find my extra needles.

I also started a little patchwork basket for my sister yesterday.


I just have to add the liner and handles…once I find that needle.


The other project I actually finished yesterday.


I made this cute little headband to wear to work yesterday.


What are ya’ll working on?


Stretching Pennies: Vintage Suitcase display

Good afternoon all,

This week will be a continuation of my new series; Stretching Pennies. I started out last week talking about my awesome trip to Thift shop adventure throughout my area. This week I want to highlight my new craft show display from vintage luggage.

DSC02208 DSC02209

Here is the suit case. I picked this bad baby up from a yard sale within walking distance of my house for a meager $2.00. After leaving it open and cleaning the inside several times it was clean enough to start working with.

The first thing I did was rip out the pockets and place stuffing in the bottom of the case.


After mutilating a $3.00 Walmart pillow (cheaper than buying a bag of stuffing), I cut out a piece of coordinating fabric and laid it on top of the stuffing.


You can make it as poofy as you would like. I make mine somewhat puffy, but it could have been puffier. Next heat up the glue gun. Glue around the top and bottom edges of the luggage first. Like so:

DSC02210 DSC02212

Next I cut out some pretty lace to hold things in on windy days and add to the prettiness of the overall display.


Lastly I added a piece of lace across the top like so:


This is how it looked when full of E-reader cases:


All together this display piece costs were

Vintage luggage $2.00

Stuffing $3.00

Fabric (also thrifted) $.025

Lace (given to me) $0.00

Hot glue sticks $0.25

Total cost $5.50

How are you stretching your pennies?

Have a great Sunday!


Refashion experimenting


Hello All.

Happy Friday. I started going through my closet yesterday in hopes of reducing the size of it and getting rid of or refashioning the clothes that I don’t wear anymore. The above picture is me a few years ago in a polo shirt that my husband had custom made for the occasion. I like the colors (UNA) and it has some sentimental value but I hate polo shirts. I’ve worn it twice when not wearing it specifically for some Leo the Lion related event. I’ve been seeing all of these refashioning posts so I thought I would try my hand at it. After about 15 minutes of pinning and sewing I came up with this.


I much prefer the open neck Henley look. I can’t wait to wear it to ball games in the early fall now.



😉 More refashions to come. And hopefully someone else will take the pics.