Pinterest Worthy Projects: Sewing on Snaps

Often the reason I stick to the same old techniques is fear of learning something new. Silly I know, but why learn a new skill when I have the old one down so well?! This week I broke the tradition and tried out sew on snaps. I’m still experimenting with the other pound on kind (not particularly successfully) but I totally mastered the sew on kind because it was ridiculously easy.

I was given this pack of snaps and they sat on my craft board for at least a couple of months before I decided to try them out. They are old, but they work fine and I prefer vintagy notions anyway.


I haven’t gone out to buy new snaps, but I can’t imagine they are particularly expensive.

There are really only a few steps to sewing on snaps. Basically you unsnap the snap from the card, place one side on each side of what you want to use the snaps for, and then sew them down around the ringed edged. My outer rim had four holes to sew down and so, much like sewing on a button you just sew it down. I placed these on bibs, so I sewed them on before I sewed the bib together.


Thats it. Its as easy as that! I am hopefully going to make a space page for the quiet book with stars and snaps next.


This bib and others like it are also available in my Etsy Shop!

What have you been working on?


My Second clock experiment


This is my second clock and thus far its my favorite! I really love the way it turned out, though I have decided to probably not purchase the same type of mechanism again. Live and learn I suppose.

There are more clock adventures to come! Meanwhile this clock is available in my Etsy shop.

Pinterest Worthy Projects: Nursery name letters

I’ve been working on mostly baby projects lately since young Carl will be here before I know it. One easy and fairly inexpensive project I undertook was to customize these plain wooden letters.


I got my letters from Consumer Crafts when they had free shipping a few weeks ago. They are about 4″ tall and were $0.49 a piece.

Materials needed:

Wooden letters

Sand paper


decorative paper

modge podge


paint brushes

After you have gathered your materials and purchased your letters the first thing you need to do is sand the letters down. I decided to paint and distress my letters prior to decoupaging them so I used two different colors of paint that match the theme of the nursery. We are using distressed blue over dark brown in our nursery so those are the colors I chose.  And on goes the first layer of paint!


Once the first color is on well you can add color number 2.

IMG_1575 IMG_1572

I really like this blue!

Once I got all of that on I took the sandpaper and lightly distressed the letters which is completely unnecessary.

Next you will need to pick your decorative paper or fabric. I used maps from an old atlas. I picked different maps for different places I wanted Carl to visit that start with the letters of his name, like Russia for “R” and Africa for “A”.

When your are ready to decoupage put a thin layer of modge podge on the right side of the letter or the side that will be facing up and place it face down on the paper or fabric then flip it over and smooth out all air pockets and bubbles.



After I did this for each letter I place a book on top of it to help it dry flat and without air pockets. When they were dry I used an exacto knife to cut away all the excess paper. Then I used Modge Podge on the top and then a sealent. I haven’t yet decided how to mount them, but I really love the way they turned out.



What baby projects have you undertaken?

DIY Valentines day decorating!

It is rare that I make the mistake of not saving as I go or not saving a post properly, but I am afraid with this post that is exactly what happened. In spite of that I just rewrote it and here we are! I don’t normally decorate for Valentines Day, but this first item on the round up caught my eye and inspired me to see what other neat Valentines decor I could find. Happy decorating!

1. This neat wreath from I’m Feelin Crafty comes with an easy to follow tutorial!


2. This neat yard banner could be hung anywhere and you could sew it or even glue it together. Check out the tutorial here!


3. This neat heart door decor could be sewn or glued just like the banner above and would come together in a snap. Get the tutorial from Junque 2 Jewels.

KissingBooth-027blog (2)

4. I think these ombre sugar cubes were originally meant for a wedding but it would be quite awesome to have around when making tea or coffee this February.


5. This decor piece takes a little more work but look how awesome it is. You can find the tutorial on Three Scoops of Love.

CUTEST Valentine mantle decoration!!! Piece of wood with initials carved in <3 <3 tooooooootally doing this!

6. These candles could do double duty as decor or gift and while there is no tutorial they are fairly self explanatory!

Valentine's craft/gift idea for the ladies in my family. But will need to be blinged-out, of course.

7.  I can’t wait for baby Carl’s first Valentines day just so we can make this sign! The tutorial is here at 517 Creations.

I have got to do this while the kids are still little!...

8. The tutorial is all in the picture in this neat heart garland!

#KatieSheaDesign ♡❤ ❥ ▶ heart crafts

9. There is not tutorial for this neat book page banner, but it would be easy enough to make. I love using vintage book pages for neat crafts like this!

.valentines day bunting diy

10. Of all the Valentines decor I found this is my favorite thing. I plan on making this today! It’s cute and cheap. Just click on the picture for a tutorial from Money Hip Mamas.

Tutorial for DIY Heart Tree. Plus other ideas for cute, cheap DIY Valentine's Decorations.

I hope you enjoyed all of those neat decor ideas! Do you have any Valentines decor planned?

Friday’s Inspiration Round up: Travel themed Nursery

First! If you haven’t already enter the Winter 2015 giveaway click on the picture below to enter!

winter image

I have realized in the last few weeks that the Nesting frenzy that supposedly happens to pregnant women is not a myth. It is one of the few things I can really say they speak the truth about before you get pregnant. I have a lot of ideas and I am gathering supplies and making little things and getting just generally very excited. Our theme for Carl’s Nursery is Adventure! We are incorporating maps and travel themes and general means of transportation. Its sort of a part UP!, part antique map room, part library. I think  it is  going to be the neatest Nursery any baby ever has. I’m really rather excited. This weeks round up is just a few of the ideas and projects and I am working on.




1. I really like this Nursery from Project Nursery!

Blake's Vintage Retreat


2. I already have the wood for an awesome Growth Ruler.

ruler copy


This would be neat for a little girl. Click on the picture for the tutorial.

3. This Alpha Phonetics chart may be the neatest thing I have ever seen. The link is no longer valid but I am on the lookout for a similar one.

Military Alphabet

4. Cafe Press have several neat rugs and these are the two I have my eye on to choose between.

Vintage world map 5'x7'Area Rug

Vintage Old World Map - 1595 5'x7'Area Rug


5. I love vintage suitcases. I have my eye on several. And this bear is so darn cute.

travel inspired nursery


6. I have several Baby Mobile ideas, here are a few.

diy baby mobile kit - make your own hot air balloon cot crib mobile, pink blue turquoise



7. I have a dresser with mirror that I hope to do something like this with. The color and decor are just beautiful.



8. Globes! I want to have a ton of globes! I have a couple but I am still searching for several more.

Gorgeous hand painted globes - perfect gift for travelers!

I love these painted ones as well as this

Main Ingredient Monday- Globe Projects 20 amazing DIY and crafty globe projects and ways tuse globes around your home. Collection from


9. I have ordered some wooden letters already to decoupage with map paper like these.

Decoupage Letters. Use vintage maps and cut out letters to spell out "baby" or the baby's name for the backdrop to your baby shower.

10. And finally, I love the idea of this neat heart art. One heart is where Dad was born, one where Mom was born and one where baby was born.

Framed map of where Daddy was born, where Mommy was born, where the kid(dos) were born

Pinterest Worthy Projects: How to stitch on Burlap

This week I got a rather massive custom order for a baby mobile (more on that later) and 4 pieces of embroidery on burlap. Now I have stitched on burlap before but not quite like this. I really put some thought into how I wanted to go about this effort and I wanted to share with you all what I ended up coming up with.

What you will need:


Embroidery floss or yarn

a large needle


Masking tape

Febreeze (optional)

Dryer Sheets (optional)

There were some definite hits and misses with this project. When I first started it earlier this week I decided to try and wash the burlap thinking that might soften it and help with the unfortunate smell. That was a bust, or rather a Pinterest worthy fail. It frayed to the point that I couldn’t use it. So then it was back to the drawing board. Rather than washing I decided to iron and febreeze which softened it just a bit and got rid of some of the smell. That would be my recommended first step if you are not going to attempt to wash it or like me, attempted to wash it with poor results.


Next, I cut the burlap into approximate 12″ x 13″ squares. I wanted plenty of room to work with. I promised that the finished design could be framed in an 8″ x 10″ so I aimed for a stitched design about 4″ x 6″. They turned out a little bigger than that but in the end I think it will work out fine. You will need to adjust your pieces as necessary.

To prevent the edges from fraying I taped them with masking tape, much like you might do with regular cross stitch fabric when working with it. You could also run a zig zag stitch along the edges instead if the tape seems irritating. Now you are ready to draw your design on!


I put some rather careful thought into how I was going to go about drawing the design outline down. You can barely see the one I have drawn on there. I didn’t need the details put in. I could easily add them, but I did need some sort of basic outline. Burlap is too unruly to free hand stitch.A pencil, which I might normally  use will not show up on burlap so I ended up using chalk. This turned out to be rather ingenious. Don’t worry about making the lines thick. If you need to at the end you can rub the chalk off or use a spot cleaner to gently wipe it away.


Once you finish getting your design situated, its time to stitch. I will say that you want to use a large needle and either a full piece of embroidery floss or yarn to stitch on your design. Otherwise the possibilities are endless. I wouldn’t plan on anything really intricate on plain old cheap burlap. If you want to do pretty little designs invest in a tighter weave.

Here are my results thus far!

IMG_1488 IMG_1489

What do you think?

Anyone else had success with stitching on burlap? I’d love to hear what you all did with your projects.




Star Wars tutorial round up!

I love Star Wars! And their is a lot of Star Wars excitement these days with the release of the seventh movie trailer. In honor of that I have gathered some of the most interesting Star Wars DIY’s that can be found on the interwebs.

DIY Star Wars Hair Clips or Shoe Toppers by Crafty Staci

1. These adorable clips have a great free tutorial. They can be attached to anything.


2. I can’t have a list of awesome Star Wars projects without including this awesome terrarium idea from my own blog.

 Hand Cut LP Death Star Clock

3. I’ve been doing a ton of things with records this past year so I thought this was especially neat. There isn’t a tutorial but a link to an Etsy vendor. Support Small businesses!

Star Wars inspired Quiet Book (PATTERN)

4. With Baby Carl on the way soon I have been researching and looking into neat little things that I can make for him to pass on to his babies. Yeah, I am sentimental. However this Star Wars quiet book is by far the neatest thing ever. You can purchase the pattern here.

Good thing that a picture is worth a thousand words because for this shot . . . there are no words ;-)

5. I am not particularly talented with Origami, but this is pretty stinkin neat!

R2D2 -For Andrew - may never make this, but I have it if I ever want to!

6. I love to cross stitch and really this is self explanatory.

I made a Chewbacca softie using this image and faux fur to go along with a halloween costume. The faux fur made the small arms and legs I was working with a real challenge to turn out. But in the end he looked good, everyone recognized him because of his bandolier.

7. Chewy is my favorite character. This plush looks simple and neat.

8. And following the Chewy theme is this neat, but simple stocking.  There are no instructions but it would be fairly simple to reproduce.


Merry Sithmas! Homemade Star Wars lawn ornaments

9. This is officially the neatest lawn decor I have ever seen! Here is how it was made.

star-wars-snowflake-banner sm

10. While the Christmas season is swiftly coming to a close these Star Wars inspired snowflakes are a neat idea for any time of year.

Pinterest Worthy Projects: DIY Distressed Mug Tree

When I moved I had very little idea of what to unpack or work on first, except that I knew I needed a coffee station. I only have one counter in my kitchen but it was perfect for this purpose. Thus was born the idea that I wanted a mug tree. I got this plain thing from Consumer Craft  because it was on Clearance. I wasn’t actually sure what to do with it at the time.


You will need:
A wooden mug tree
Two colors of contrasting paint
Sponge brush
Sandpaper (fine and coarse)
Steel wool, grade 0 or 1

Printed images
Modge podge

It was just simple unfinished wood. I decided to paint and distress it as sort of a trial run for the other pieces of furniture I want to repaint. I decided to go with brown and turquoise.
After much research and trial and error I painted the base coat (Brown) twice and the top coat (turquoise) twice. I let it sit and completely dry for 24 hours.

After it was dry and no longer tacky to the touch I started the distressing process. I started with 80grain sandpaper. I used this lightly until the brown started to show. I was going for lightly distressed. Then I broke out some finer sandpaper until I got a little bit of smooth texture. Finally I used coarse steel wool. I cleaned up the mug tree and sprayed it with a sealant, but I wasn’t quite finished. I have these cute mushroom canisters so that is sort of my kitchen theme.


I printed some pictures of mushrooms off of the Internet and carefully cut them out then modge podged them to the base. After that dried I added a final coat of sealant! And done!



DIY Star Wars Terrarium

Positively Smitten Magazine

terrarium Photo Source: Etsy – Megatone230

Here’s for all you Star Wars fans out there!

I love Star Wars. Yes, Star Trek is pretty cool, but my heart belongs to Chewy. In that frame of mind I give you the Star Wars-themed terrarium! Terrariums seem to be popping up everywhere these days and I can definitely see the appeal. I worked in a biology building for three years in college and saw them all the time. Now I see them all over the Internet and on desks and in homes and on porches. These tiny ecosystems are great for people who think they can’t keep plants alive. The beauty of a terrarium is that it is virtually self-sustaining.

What you need:
-Activated Charcoal
-Glass container
-Tiny plants – Some great plants for a terrarium are Artillery Ferns, Hypoestes, Red Veined Prayer Plant, Baby’s Tears, Moss, Button Ferns, Ficus, and many others. Succulents…

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