Thrifty Thursday – Old to New!

I admit it. I spend a lot of time pursuing Pinterest for ideas for various things. One of the things I found recently was this neat trend of preserving babies things in shadow boxes like this one:

birth-boxes-11This one is from Taking Care of Monkey Business

I decided I wanted to do one for Carl. The only problem is that I am horribly thrifty. Some of these shadow boxes run up to $20 which is way more than I intend to pay. I kept looking for one at garage sales and thrift stores to no end and finally I came across this at a garage sale a few weeks ago.


Awful right?

I’ve always thought these things were rather terrible. As you can see it was a clock so I took the perfectly working clock mechanism out to be used for later. After some thorough cleaning because this had developed a little dirt and the glass was cloudy I got to work. I wrapped the footprints background in some cute baby friendly fabric. Then I proceeded to pick out the cute things I wanted to preserve. It turned out like this.


Sorry for the blur.

Lesson: Don’t waste your money, be creative!

What have you thrifted this week?


What I’m Making Wednesday


In order to actually self promote (which I am bad at) I’m going to try a What I’m Making post on Wednesday. This week I am showing off a piece that I finished a couple of days ago. I got this neat quilted fabric from the thrift store and Ive turned it into a few different things but clouds have been my favorite thing so far. April showers bring May flowers right? I love rain, and clouds, and pretty flowers so this piece was fun for me. The background fabric is a vintage hankie.

You can find this piece in my Etsy shop.

Quiet Book pages: Space!

IMG_1641 IMG_1650 IMG_1652

I’m still chugging along making quiet book pages for baby Carl. I finally managed to join two pages! Go me! These two pages and the rocket ship from a couple of weeks ago are going in a 10-12 page Space themed quiet book. I’m really excited to be actually working toward and making progress on one that might actually be finished before he gets here. I completely came up with this particular pattern on my own using fabric I picked up as scraps for a quarter a piece at the thrift store. I haven’t decided exactly how to bind the pages but that will come soon enough!

The planets are back with black felt and cut out from space printed fabric. They have sticky velcro on the back and there is sticky velcro on the pages. The sun has been machine embroidered onto one end.

What are you all working on right now?

Pinterest Worthy Projects: Sewing on Snaps

Often the reason I stick to the same old techniques is fear of learning something new. Silly I know, but why learn a new skill when I have the old one down so well?! This week I broke the tradition and tried out sew on snaps. I’m still experimenting with the other pound on kind (not particularly successfully) but I totally mastered the sew on kind because it was ridiculously easy.

I was given this pack of snaps and they sat on my craft board for at least a couple of months before I decided to try them out. They are old, but they work fine and I prefer vintagy notions anyway.


I haven’t gone out to buy new snaps, but I can’t imagine they are particularly expensive.

There are really only a few steps to sewing on snaps. Basically you unsnap the snap from the card, place one side on each side of what you want to use the snaps for, and then sew them down around the ringed edged. My outer rim had four holes to sew down and so, much like sewing on a button you just sew it down. I placed these on bibs, so I sewed them on before I sewed the bib together.


Thats it. Its as easy as that! I am hopefully going to make a space page for the quiet book with stars and snaps next.


This bib and others like it are also available in my Etsy Shop!

What have you been working on?

Quiet Book pages: Rocket Ship


First let me just gush a little! Today is baby shower number 2! Hosted by the amazing ladies at my home Parish. I am so incredibly excited. I can’t believe it is finally here!

I’m still chugging along making quiet book pages for baby Carl. I  haven’t joined any of them yet, though today will probably be that day since I finally finished two related pages. I have two universe pages with velcro planets to show you all in the next few weeks. Those pages and this rocket ship are going in a 10-12 page Space themed quiet book. I’m really excited to be actually working toward and making progress on one that might actually be finished before he gets here. For now though I will say that the pattern for this page comes from the same place as the baseball page.

There are still a ton of baby things I want to make and do, but for now I am just chugging along one project at a time.

What are you all working on right now?

What I have been working on! March Edition



This month I had a lot of things to finish and I actually managed to finish quite a few! First the bibs!

I hand embroidered the raindrops on and cut the clouds out of some prequilted material I saved.

IMG_1650 IMG_1651

I finished a complete page from the space themed quiet book! One side is half of my universe system and half is a rocket ship and moon.


And finally these lovely clocks! The first one was commissioned and the second one I made because I loved the first one so well but wanted to incorporate some different themes.

IMG_1584 IMG_1643

Baby Steps: Dinosaur Quiet Page

I really enjoy a good post series and My Thrifty Thursday posts have thus far been rather awesome and I have plans to continue that at least through March. In that spirit I want to start a new series. Baby Steps will be full of posts about things that I making for Carl or things that have been handmade for him or things I think would be neat to make for him in the future. I think that creating things for my new little human is a great way to inspire him to maybe be a creative and thoughtful human being. I want him to know that we all were very excited for his arrival and in that excitement we worked with our hands and with our gifts and talents to make special things for him. His Great grandmother has already made caps and a blanket for him (which I will feature later), I’ve made several little things that will pop up, and a friend made a lovely knitted blanket and gave it to me for Christmas.

One of the many things I have been working on lately are small projects for baby Carl. This weeks project was a dinosaur book page. This pattern I came up with mostly on my own. I only have a few other pages completed so right now it looks a little barren. Hopefully more will come soon.

Here are my pieces:


This neat little page has tabby pieces of ribbon on the dinosour and soft flexible tree leaves. I can’t wait to add more dinosaur pages!


Time keeps on slipping…


Clocks! I have always been slightly intimidated by the idea of making a clock. Well that is true no longer! I made this neat little clock for my brothers girlfriend at her request and I have got to say I have now been bitten by the bug. I want to make many many more different types of clocks! I am working on one now and I am thinking about one for the Nursery. You can find this one in my Etsy shop!

What have you been creating?