Snowmageddon 2018


There is a funny thing that happens when snow is on the ground for more than 2 hours in Alabama and it only gets weirder as the hours, and days wear on. It snowed Tuesday, this is Friday morning and there is still snow on the ground, on the sidewalks, and on the roads. There are still patches of ice here and there. How utterly strange! Time sort of slows down here. Offices, stores, schools, restaurants, and even UNA closes. People quite literally cannot travel by car so even I got out and walked if I wanted to go somewhere.

I’ve never had a snow week quite like the one we just experienced. It feels much like the breaks we got in college. A week or two with little obligation and responsibility; no professors asking us to do anything, lectures to go to, or anything else really. I worked from home on the things I needed to keep up with. Carl got to play in his first real snow. I played a little too even though snow is not really my thing. I think I won’t be able to think about snow or snow days the same way ever again. In college I would break out the trashy novels, a puzzle, and some Netflix something or other I wanted to catch up with. This last week I did some of that but I also got to spend it with the people in my little family and it was kind of amazing. I learned how to play cribbage. I sat on the floor and watched The Little Mermaid with Carl just because he asked me to. I cleaned out the plastic container mess under my cabinets. Faith rearranged our messy guest room to something that looks almost entirely presentable. Carl has gotten to play all the games his little heart can stand including some very competitive rounds of Hungry, Hungry Hippos. He trash talks when he plays that game. A two year old. Trash Talks! It is the weirdest thing.


Life goes by so very quickly. The best gift from our benevolent maker is a week like this. A week out of time where we are forced to slow down, to self examine, to make do with the groceries in our pantry, to rediscover the people we live and interact with. There will always be work. There will always be this or that social obligation. The gym will still be there when you can actually get out on the roads again (I know because I made it all the way back to the Y again yesterday and I guess I will get my butt up and go today as well.). Target was still standing as well when I checked yesterday. The knowledge I’ve gained this week, the precious experiences I will carry with me, the mental picture of snowflakes falling on people I truly care about will be something I can look back on when life is busier and crazier and just not as much fun.