Christmas Dishes and unexpected blessings

Good Afternoon fellow bloggers,

This is sort of a strange post for me but I recently came into possession of a new set of Christmas dishes and they are so very awesome that i had to share it with the rest of you. A good friend of mine contacted me last week saying that she had a set to give away and wanted to know if I was interested in them. Of course I said yes because I no longer own a set and I absolutely love all things holiday. When she asked me if I wanted them I really thought they would be the $20 set from Walmart. Like these:

That would have been fine. I would have been happy, but little did I know she had a full 10 place setting of Spode Christmas Tree Pattern from England dating back to the 70’s.

It is awesome. I’ve got all the accessories including Salad bowl, cake plate, butter dish and salt and pepper shakers. I am truly awed by the gift. My friend told me that a friend of hers was giving them away and wanted her to find a young couple who would love them to give them to and I am so very thankful she thought of us. This is the first blessing of what I am sure will be a wonderful holiday season. I can’t wait to start new holiday traditions with this beautiful set of dishes.

Have a wonderful day!


Oh in case you are as clueless as I was here is a link to a blog about the dishes.

Christmas DIY Ideas

Good morning!


Today is going to be deemed DIY Friday. I am going to share with you all my list of DIY’s for the weekend. Most of these I am making to put in cute little gift baskets for my coworkers but I found some neat things at Hobby Lobby so I may also include some things for my family. I will post some pictures of this weekends completed projects.


My first project are these cute little countdown blocks. I am using 1″ blocks because they are cheaper and I can do a lot more that way which is the goal since I making about 20 baskets. I made a set yesterday and they are adorable.

Free printable candy bar wrappers


I couldn’t find a good place to just print these for free so I am going to get out the construction paper this weekend.

Washer necklaces

These cute washer necklaces are seemingly simple and very cheap. I’ve got to stop by the hardware store but I am excited about this project.


Snowman made from a baby food jar. The top jar is filled with marshmallows. The bottom jar is filled with hot chocolate mix.

These are easy and adorable and perfect for a little gift basket. Just add some marshmallows and hot chocolate mix and you are good to go.

Cinnamon Christmas Stars

Not only are these cinnamon stars cute, but they are easy, cheap and smell awesome.

DIY snowglobes also make mini bottle snowglobe charms with mini bottles: #ecrafty

And lastly here are some adorable snow globe ideas. I love snow globes and working at a day care means that I get dozens of glass jars that no one wants and that make cute snow globes and hot chocolate snowmen,


I hope you have been inspired by this list of awesome crafts.


Have a great weekend!




Life is like a…

I read a blog post today that really made me think. The basic gist of the post was that life might be like a book, and everything is not supposed to happen in one chapter. That resonated with me. I love books, I love to read. I’m obsessive about it. My husband can tell you that when I pick up a book I rarely put it down until I am finished…usually sometime that next morning. There is not a single well written, or entertaining book out there that has all the best parts in one chapter.


This past September I turned 24. This was not an easy birthday for me. I have always hated my birthday because I have always felt like I haven’t accomplished enough, I am beginning to realize that this notion is ridiculous. I am 24 years old. married, working, paying my bills, and shaping the hearts and minds of dozens of children on a daily basis.  What I am doing right now, that has purpose and value. Yes, it is not as exciting as Harry Potter slaying the basilisk, but in some ways it is just as much fun. I have always been so hard on my myself, without a doubt my own worse critic. I think a lot of people are like this which is absolutely ridiculous. If we can’t believe in ourselves, in what we are doing, in who we are becoming, then no one else will either.

Yes, life is like a book. Everything has a chapter or a season. I think the key is finding out what our purpose is right at this moment and slowly changing to get closer to whatever it is we want to do. For me, I have no idea what my end goal is. I know I am not going to be an astronaut, or a stay at home wife, but what I truly want to do for the rest of my life is still rather undecided. I have a feeling it won’t be too far from what I am doing right now. Be happy! With who you are right at this very moment.


Have a lovely afternoon!


My Christmas organizational secret..

Today is the first Sunday in November, which is also the end of Daylight Savings time. While I absolutely abhor the Spring forward portion of this event, I love to Fall back.  I am one of those rare individuals that actually gets more done, and enjoys the days that are shorter and the nights that are longer. This morning was especially sweet due to that extra hour of sleep and a wonderful cup of coffee.

While I have been strangely blog silent lately I have been rather busy outside of this. Part of my time has been spent on Christmas preparation and organization. I would like to share with you all one of the most helpful tools I have found so far. I used this last year and am using it again this year. My secret to success is this website:

They have ready made lists, planners and daily updates. You should check it out. It is absolutely the best thing since sliced bread.


Have a lovely day!



Road trip 2013


Last Wednesday my sister and I embarked on a journey. I know I haven’t written a particularly large amount recently. The reason for that being one i hate to admit, but I have been in something of a dark, negative place. Last week I took a trip. Sometimes that is the only thing we can do to gain perspective. We went from Florence, to Corinth to pick up my dad, then from Corinth to New Orleans. Along the way we had a few, ok several, things go wrong. More than we could have ever anticipated. The 7 hour trip from Corinth to New Orleans took 13 hours. I suppose our first mishap was that when we stopped to pick up dad, Faith lost her phone…and after 45 minutes of looking for it we couldn’t find it. Along the way we picked up a new one for her but that delayed us as well.The next mishap was that the temperature gauge kept going up and when we stopped to put fluid in it the fluid would only last a little while which equals a leak somewhere. So we dealt with that and had to occasionally stop in order to refill on fluids and let it cool down. That picture is us entering Louisiana.


Audubon Zoo in New Orleans

This was the first trip I had taken with my dad and sister since I was about 10 years old. Faith and I hadn’t taken a trip together in several years either so that was interesting. She doesn’t handle crisis well, and dad is sort of childlike in his dealing with anything. After a couple more hours on the road we had a tire fall apart, so I changed it and put on the spare but you can only take that so far so we pulled into a tire place to replace it. They replaced it a few minutes before 5:00pm. We had been traveling since 7am and by this point weren’t very coherent which is I suppose why we didn’t notice that the tire was too large. We went to get gas and get back on the interstate when we noticed the weird noise which led me to look at the tire and realize it was scrubbing…so back to the tire place before it closed and they re-replaced it. It is now 6pm when we get back on the road. We did pretty well to make it into New Orleans by 8pm.


I like this picture for whatever reason. We were delirious.

Luckily hotel check in was pretty easy. We checked out the French Quarter about 10pm that night and then spent Thursday in New Orleans. I learned that the streets are tiny and hard to navigate. We went to the Zoo, and walked the French Quarter in the daytime. That part was fun.


It was surprisingly hard to be away from home. I can’t even explain why. I suppose I felt like if I wasn’t there everything would fall apart. It wasn’t until we got to my Aunt’s that I got over that. I’ll post more about that later.

Go pet an elephant

Christmas in July, or Cross stitching in July

Greetings Friends!

With Christmas right around the corner I have started my cross stitch and craft project lists for this grand holiday. I enjoy making things for people and I enjoy last arts, or those that just seem to be hobbling along like cross stitch. In that spirit I decided to share with you all some patterns I found on Pinterest. I will be doing this with different Christmas ideas from now until the big holiday. Let me know what you think.

This is one I am working on right now. It has so far been fun and easy and cute.


Cute little Snowman

disney christmas

Disney characters


Christmas tree

bunny in stocking


This site has a ton of different patterns

Please let me know if you have any cool pattern sites. I always love a free, new pattern.

Happy Cross Stitching,


Progress on those 2013 Resolutions


It is the last weekend in July and I have definitely made progress (though slow) on those resolutions. I thought the best way to move forward was to see what I had actually accomplished. This list is what inspired me to start a blog again. Here they are:

2. Attend a CoC service.

I did this with my brother several months ago and I am going to a singing tomorrow. It was a sermon that shot gunned scripture and reminded why I am not there anymore. It was good for me.

6. Go Dancing

Steven and I did this at a wedding two weeks ago. It was quite fun.

8. Successfully make bread dough rise

FINALLY!! After many years and several recipes I finally found out how to make bread dough rise. It was a Focaccia recipe that rocked faces. I am hopeful for future breads.

15. Wear bathing suit proudly

I did this last month at the park with the pups. I feel more healthy and less large these days. Its probably all in my head anyway.

21. Journal every day for a month

While I have recently slacked off I did this for over a month. I need to get back into it. It was really a cathartic experience.

26. Try something new

Did this.

 30. Go fishing with my dad

My baby sister and I went fishing with my dad for Father’s day last month.

34. Argue Less. Bull shit less.

I have definitely tried to follow this piece of advice and I am managing to get run over a little less.

43. Finish t-shirt quilt

Still working on this but at least there is progress.

4. See the beach

10. Visit a new state

31. See my Aunt Kathy

42. Read a book on aforementioned beach.

In a little over two weeks Faith and I will be departing for an awesome adventure to Texas. We are staying in New Orleans for two nights, then heading to Houston where we will spend some time in Galveston and a lot of time with our Aunt Kathy. I plan to pick up sea shells, read on the beach, and do the touristy thing for a few days. Hopefully it will be a fun and relaxing trip.

I have accomplised 17/45 or 38% of my goals. I suppose I need to get busy if I want to get through the rest of the list. What have you all been up to? Accomplished any goals?

1. Volunteer for an environmentally friendly service project.

2. Attend a CoC service.

3. Build a castle (Minecraft Style)

4. See the beach

5. Host a Pinterest party

6. Go Dancing

7. Make Fudge

8. Successfully make bread dough rise

9. Use only homemade detergent

10. Visit a new state

11. Have a functional me space

12. Put Christmas up before February

13. Have semi professional pics of Steven and I

14. Weigh myself regularly

15. Wear bathing suit proudly

16. Ring a Church Bell

17. Take pictures as often as possible

18. Try 5 new cocktails

19. Finish Wedding Scrapbook

20. Finish Disney Scrapbook

21. Journal every day for a month

22. Hang degree above desk

23. License

24. Start savings account for house down payment and 10th anniversary trip

25. Pay for a strangers lunch

26. Try something new

27. Volunteer at the animal shelter

28. Hold others as responsible as myself

29. Start a life’s ambition notebook

30. Go fishing with my dad

31. See my Aunt Kathy

32. Try Yoga (every day for two months)

33. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in a row

34. Argue Less. Bull shit less.

35. Write letters to those people no longer in my life and let them go. 

36. Crochet something amazing

37. Learn one full piano song

38. Start researching my family tree

39. Go to six flags

40. Smoke a cigar (iffy)

41. Tell the absolute truth about something important to a stranger

42. Read a book on aforementioned beach.

43. Finish t-shirt quilt

44. See a movie at the Monaco

 45. Make 100 Etsy sales!


Life in the moment

I’m back. Or at least I am trying to be. It has been months since my last post. Since then I have become more comfortable working at a daycare, read nothing but fiction, started an awesome calendar directory, made bread dough rise, reworked all my flower beds and not sewed much of anything..I’m ready to be back.

I am mostly a live in the moment kind of girl. I try not to worry about the future or focus on the past. The last couple of months I got sucked into a kind of all work vortex to keep from thinking about anything sad. I suppose it’s time to get past that. In two weeks I will celebrate my two year anniversary, then head out on a rode trip to Texas and then it will be fall and everything will speed up again. I think it is time to start focusing on more.

What have you all been up to?