Short synopsis of me, or the About page


(I’m the one in the middle with the cranky looking kid)


I’m an ace with excel spreadsheets, bandaging “boo boos”, and breaking down the old testament for 4 year olds. I’ve had nearly every job you could think of and I have enjoyed most of them. I have worked at a small museum, a library, a Microbiology lab, a Music studio, a church (two different denominations), as a birthday clown, as a tutor, in an Earth Science lab, a classroom, A Nursery and pretty much anything else you can think of. I hold a bachelors degree with a double major in Biology and History.

My crafting passions are varied. I love to sew, cross stitch, embroider, work with beads and wire to make awesome trees. I’ve recently gotten into applique and trying to improve my sewing skills and drafting very basic, small patterns (not clothes). I will try crafting anything at least once. I also love to read. I will read nearly anything. I tend to read more than is probably healthy. I also like to cook when I have the time. I want my blog to reflect all of those things but in reality it will probably end up being a rant I later turn into an autobiography when my mom becomes famous for inventing something gnarly.

I’ve had this blog for several years and while I tend to take long contemplative breaks I always find my way back.


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