Christmas newsletter plans

Christmas gifts are almost always fun to pick out, wrap and give for me. I love it. The only time its even a little bit not fun is when I am trying to find something for that person that seemingly has everything. For me those people are my mom and step dad. I can, and do buy them random stuff that I think they might like but for the most part its really hard to find a good gift. This year I decided to do something way different. I’m putting together a Christmas newsletter as a gift to them (and to share with everyone else). I think more than anything this will be something they can enjoy without cluttering up their house with crap they don’t need. Who doesn’t love cute family pictures?? And cute family anecdotes? I feel like Clark Griswald.

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My idea is to include a map with all the places we’ve been as a group, my sister, step-sister, mother, step dad, brother and brothers wife, and Carl. I also want to include anecdotes from the year, updates on everyone, hopes for next year, quotes and verses that were significant to everyone,  and any significant moments. I plan to do this in Microsoft publisher because its the program we use for our church newsletter and I know how to manipulate it better than anything else. Plus I can use the ready made template of that newsletter for this one just add some holiday flair. I think I might try to divide it by season but that plan is very tentative. Either way I am pretty flipping excited about seeing how this goes (and pretty nervous about the amount of work involved to make it awesome) .


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