Few things are as restorative to me as getting out of town on the road and exploring a new place. Right before my birthday we ventured on a journey of epic proportions. My mom, as a super awesome birthday gift, rented a car for us to go to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I had never been to an Island so it was a pretty great experience all around. We rented a very pretty Chrysler 300 with less than 1000 miles on it that I definitely should have gotten a picture of before we covered it in road dust and bugs. Faith, Carl and I packed up the car on a Tuesday night and in the pre predawn hours of Wednesday morning we hit the road. The trip takes about 8 hours and there is a time change involved so we ended up getting there right around 3:30am. We stopped for breakfast along the way at Carl’s new favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel. He regularly requests that we visit. He is definitely related to my mother.

I knew South Carolina was swampy but I didn’t expect the Island to be that way. I was definitely surprised to see the boardwalk to the beach, which was about 250 yards long from the condo was over a swamp. I don’t say that to be dramatic it was literally swamp. There were signs everywhere warning about alligators. Despite that interesting development I did still have the best feeling at seeing the beach and the waves once we crossed over.

It took about a day and a half before I really felt like life was slowing down a little. Partially because work kept intruding and partially because August and September were crazy months. Once I finally did relax however it was the very best vacation/birthday I could have imagined. My favorite thing is seeing the beach at dawn and picking up shells. Luckily Carl also loves it and Faith indulges me. We found quite a few neat shells that I still need to clean. We also found several dead star fish which led to a conversation about death with my two year old.

Despite the death talk and the drive it was a truly amazing few days. Everyone should at least try to get out of the bubble we create for ourselves here or wherever you are and see a little bit more of the world even if it is just within the lower 48. One day I’ll make it to Canada. For now though I am dreaming of New York. 🙂


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