Flimflam, its the word of the day!

Today’s word of the day:


Flimflam – To subject to deception or fraud

Flimflam, its the word of the day, What a fun word to say. Its not really a fun word to be on the other side of but it is a very fun word to say. One day, in the distant future that will probably be here before I know it I hope this is one of Carl’s vocabulary words. It’s funny, but actually fairly accurate that having a baby will change things. It changes your whole life. Just last year I would have been able to sit down and enjoy life while writing a blog post while being generally lazy before work. Now it takes a lot of planning to get ready for work, and get breakfast, and get the baby ready, and feed him, and make his bottles, and make sure his bag has been repacked, and clean up a little around the house all before I leave for work in the morning. Usually I try to fit in a little morning reading before all that happens and on a really good day I attempt to work on some project as well.

I wouldn’t trade what I have now for what I had then, fat thighs and extra weight and lack of sleep and all, but it is funny to reflect on the changes. However there are definitely things I would do differently. Too many times over the last year I have allowed myself to be flimflammed. Maybe it is my nature to just believe people at face value. I shouldn’t. I’ve seen the very worst in people but still I tend to want to believe that everyone has a greater nature and that greater nature will win out. Maybe it will. See there it goes again, that infernal optimism.

So flimflam. Use that in a sentence today!


Happiness. Its a thing!

When I was younger, more idealistic and wondering at the supposed marvelous powers of luv, true luv I knew an older woman who I really respected and admired. This lady had been married and divorced. She had two beautiful, talented and exceptionally sweet children that really loved her . I’m sure they had problems. Everyone does. But they seemed really happy. Still, I always worried that she would end up alone after they grew up. I thought, at the time, how sad would that be. This awesome woman raised her kids, really well, and after they left she would be sad and alone and her life would suddenly be unfulfilled.

What bullshit.

Of course at the time I had no idea it was bullshit. I thought I was generally on the right path with the idea that we are all driven to companionship in order to be happy. Turns out in order to be happy there are a lot of different factors that come into play and sometimes the biggest of those is that we are not saddled to another human being. For me happiness is a choice that I wake up every day and decide to make. I’m going to be happy today. Period. If there is no money, my power bill is late and I have a crappy day at work I can still find a reason to be cheerful about something. I mean I have a freakin cute baby.


I know so many ladies in their 30’s and 40’s, some who have children and a lot who don’t that are really happy all on their own. Some own their own homes, some have careers they love, some just rent and others really don’t care for their jobs but they are all happy.

Lets try this happy thing.