The Baby Inventory: All the rest!

Something rather exciting happened to me yesterday! I got an email request for my spreadsheet. I’m rather pumped. I’m hoping the recipient will be willing to give a review of it so that I might tweak and perfect it a little more. Two weeks ago I talked about my Baby diapering inventory and then last week I went over the Nursery portion, then came Baby Feeding and then came Baby Clothing. This week I want to talk about the last part, the Miscellaneous baby stuff portion of the spreadsheet. These items covers all the things I anticipate needing that aren’t really covered in the other portions. Using Excel I made a spreadsheet that including the some of the following categories.

Baby carrier

Car seat


Car Seat

Trash can

Baby toiletries


Bumbo chair/tray

(a less blurry version will appear if you click on the picture)

Screenshot 2015-03-24 10.57.47

You can customize this to fit your individual needs. When looking at this portion of the spreadsheet I basically made a list of things I thought I would want to get based on what I found useful when working at the daycare and from other experiences.  Most everything on the list has already been purchased, and most of it I either received as a gift because making the list helped me know what to register for or I bought second hand. I have about $100 invested in this part of the needed items, and most things have already been purchased. This doesn’t count the cost of the 4D ultrasound or the cost of the labor class. This list helps me keep up with everything I still need vs everything we already have and when I start to have nesting panic attacks I can just look at this very helpful spreadsheet. I have location of the items and price (whether I bought them or they were given to me via shower or whatever) which allows me to keep a running tab of how much I have spent. The spreadsheet also automatically calculates how much I need of whichever item after I put in how many I have. Obviously your needs and wants will look differently than mine but I would be happy to send a sample of my spreadsheet to you, just make the request and provide an email in the comments.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I can talk about total costs and how to save even more here and there along the way.

How are you or do you prep for baby?


We have a candidate…well someone announced anyway

Well if we want to elect a baptist preacher…Ted Cruz is definitely the answer.

Ted Cruz is a freshman senator from Texas. He has no real experience. He isn’t all that amazing. He did give his 30 minute announcement speech without using a teleprompter to an audience that was forced to be there. He may or may not have been born in Canada. His dad was definitely not born in America.

In his speech he calls on people of faith…born again Christians. He wants people to stand for liberty. I can see that he is trying to appeal to both the far, far, far, right and the tea party. What I cannot see his appeal to would be midline Republicans…which are typically the ones that actually vote. In his own speech he says that born again Christians don’t vote. I guess he is trying to win the election based upon a conglomerate of people who are so dazzled with him they get off their ass and actually vote.

This is all well and good. Mitt Romney wanted us to vote for him because he was an experienced business man. Ted Cruz wants us to vote for him because he is a born again Christian. He wants to abolish the IRS. Sounds good right? He wants a flat tax. He wants to secure the borders. He wants a “legal” immigration system. He wants to stop the assault on the religious people of this country….whatever that means. He wants a federal government that abolishes abortion and defines marriage as one man, one woman. He will “protect” our right to keep and bare arms…which were in no jeopardy. I will say this for him, he wants to appeal common core which I could probably get behind except that he doesn’t outline a clear plan for education rather says some flowery things about how every child deserves an education and mentions homeschool which I would rather he leave out of it. He wants to support Israel. He wants to police Iran…somehow using our constitution.

According to Ted Cruz he is the modern day Patrick Henry or George Washington…which would please the libertarians.

Thus far that seems to be his only qualification. I honestly think this is good news for the Democrats. Whoever the democratic candidate is the chances are great it will be someone with more experience or at least more name recognition. But lets talk about what Ted Cruz has actually done. He was a domestic policy adviser to George W. Bush…who had no domestic policy other than No Child Left Behind which was a horrible failure. He has taught law, worked within Texas government as Solicitor General, and even worked in private practice. In the senate he introduced several failed bills, one to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he cosponsored the Keystone pipeline bill, and a bill to get rid of the limits on direct campaign contributions.

The sad fact is, Ted Cruz wont have enough campaign contributions to make it very far. Jeb Bush just basically swooped in and stole most of the Texas funds. Good luck Ted Cruz, I hope you do make it further than Jeb.

Quiet Book pages: Space!

IMG_1641 IMG_1650 IMG_1652

I’m still chugging along making quiet book pages for baby Carl. I finally managed to join two pages! Go me! These two pages and the rocket ship from a couple of weeks ago are going in a 10-12 page Space themed quiet book. I’m really excited to be actually working toward and making progress on one that might actually be finished before he gets here. I completely came up with this particular pattern on my own using fabric I picked up as scraps for a quarter a piece at the thrift store. I haven’t decided exactly how to bind the pages but that will come soon enough!

The planets are back with black felt and cut out from space printed fabric. They have sticky velcro on the back and there is sticky velcro on the pages. The sun has been machine embroidered onto one end.

What are you all working on right now?

Spring cleaning! Organize and scrub!

Spring Cleaning!

I just bought a bunch of clorox wipes, I’m armed with a great deal of determination and dust bunnies may not stand a chance as long as I can keep myself mobile which basically means 30 minutes of cleaning and then a break before my back becomes a living breathing entity that screams at me for putting too much pressure on it. But for all the akwardness that is cleaning with a 42″ circumference, I feel good about it.

I actually tackled the closet today. Out went all the crap I am not going to wear for a while, like all my pre huge belly winter clothes. It is almost too warm for them and even if it wasn’t I can’t wear them right now anyway. Jeans I can usually make work…some of those cute sweaters however would stop before they hit my belly button. So out they went. Packed away for next winter. I also actually just got rid of a few things. And I managed to consolidate so that I actually have a basket for shoes. It needed to happen. I suppose it is a happy coincidence that Spring cleaning and my nesting urge are hitting around the same time. As a reward to myself I might drag someone to a park with me to try out my hammock. I’m currently too big to get in it without help…much less out of it.

25 Amazing Closet Organization Hacks I hang my boots like the upper right photo.. Works fantastic

So in the spirit of cleaning and organizing I will share a few of neat organizing hacks and ideas. The one above is a list from buzzfeed. I used the coathanger/scarf trick with tank tops.

Store bras on a single hanger to save space and keep them from getting bent out of shape. | 17 Hacks Every Bra Wearer Should Know

This list is from buzz feed and I am seriously considering trying it for my bras just to get them out of the disorganized basket they currently live in.

And finally, a tip of my own. If you are getting a nursery ready (like me) or simply have a chest that you aren’t using for anything start storing things in it!


This cute toy chest is filled to the brim with diapers (since he isn’t going to really need a toy chest for toys anytime soon).

Are you doing any spring cleaning?

Thrifty Thursday: Yard Sale adventures of 2015!

It is finally upon us again! Yard Sale season!

This is really my favorite time of year. I absolutely love a good sale. I’ve been waiting patiently all crabby winter long for the cold to go away and the awesome sales to commence. Have I mentioned that I love this time of year! Faith and I had a fun little adventure this past Saturday involving several awesome sales. Two local churches had their annual fundraising sales. There was also a rather huge baby related sale in Killen which we went to. Unfortunately it was mostly girl stuff, but still, it was pretty awesome. I ended up finding several things that have been on my mental list as well as my baby inventory.

I got this neat mesh bath! I already had the hard tub but I wanted one of these for when he cant get his navel immersed. Baby bathing makes me a bit nervous. I also got several pairs of shoes and I indulged in this police car.

IMG_1678 IMG_1681

Probably my favorite purchase of the day was a Maternity outfit. It was $2.00. Tights, shirt and sweater are all Motherhood Maternity brand so they have resale value. The sweater, camisole thing is made of the softest material imaginable. I may not be able to give it up.

I found a random embroidery hoop, several cute baby outfits, including this one which I think will probably be his Easter outfit next year.


All things considered it was a great day full of much productivity.

Did you all get out and shop the sales this weekend?

Babyness and Baby showers! Oh My!

I’ve been a bit behind on my writing lately but today I am hoping to remedy that and get caught back up. Instead of talking about the baby spreadsheet (which I will do next week) I want to show you all some pictures from my first baby shower. It turned out really well. The cake was gorgeous.


I love the UP theme!

We also got a bunch of neato baby stuff that I was rather gleeful to add to my spreadsheet. Please ignore the largeness that I am about to show you and focus on the baby stuff. I’m going to have to be super active this summer to lose all this weight.

11044537_978062135547054_2982398787944534011_o 11025945_978062765546991_3577215987204623334_o

We got hand made blankets, and tiny little socks and no scratch mittens and the all important diapers.

We also got a some Butt Paste. When I worked in a Micro lab my professor introduced me to this stuff and it was freaking awesome. Now I laugh because I am about to have a baby to use it on rather than lab equipment.


Apparently a going home outfit is a big deal. I personally don’t care what he goes home in, but to please Inez I am going to put him in this little outfit that Steven came home in. Don’t get me wrong, its cute, it just isnt a big deal to me.


Knowing my luck he will have some sort of baby related accident and ruin the white on the way home. This is the outfit that Steven came home from the hospital in. How weird is that?

We also got another of his baby outfits


His mother had saved them. Maybe I will save some of Carl’s. We shall see.

Speaking of Carl, look at that cute little face!

Only a few more weeks until he is here and using all that neat stuff we got last week.

Did you have a special coming home from the hospital outfit?

An Open Letter to Congress

From a concerned citizen

It is one thing to be unemployed. I have been in the working world for nearly 12 years. I’ve always had a job of some variety from as far back as I can remember. Where I come from it was work to eat. I think there is a great intrinsic value in that. Probably due to my own experience it is almost incomprehensible for me that teenagers don’t work, that people my own age have never had steady employment, or that people would sit around and benefit from the work of others without feeling the need to get out there and work themselves. I’m a firm believer that everyone can work in one way or another, it is simply what we choose to do that limits us.

It is a far different thing to be employed but not do the job for which you are receiving a pay check. Now I don’t mean occasionally slacking off. Everyone has highs and lows of productivity. No, I mean a total lack of disregard for the job you were originally hired to do. I’m afraid that if I stopped doing the biggest aspects of my job for a week, or two it would definitely be noticed, people would definitely complain, and I would without a doubt be in my bosses office having to explain myself. That is only fair. I am getting paid. I did sign up to work. A lot of people wouldn’t be as lucky as I am. If they didn’t show up to work once or twice they would get fired. And yet every single day of the last several years that is what so many senators and representatives have been doing from both sides of party lines, though mostly from just one side. The Republican side.

Instead of working with their fellow senators and representatives, which are their coworkers, which is part of their job, to pass laws, pass budgets, actually do work, they have been fighting a war of attrition. They aren’t getting their way, and exclusively their way, so at some point over the last few years they simply decided to take their ball and go home. To do NOTHING. How many threatened government shut downs have we seen in recent years? How many agencies have almost or have gone without funding due to the inability of either the Senate or the House of Representatives to pass anything….Just last week by a desperate, last minute, hail mary pass Homeland Security was funded…for another week. Not full funding for the year….not 6 months…or a few weeks….7 days. That is all that could be agreed to. Is it because they think that Homeland Security is too expensive a department to fund or not worth funding or not necessary to the safety and security of the American people? No. It is because a few Reepublican Representatives thought that a good way to impede the executive action taken by the President on immigration (which, btw, has been held up in the courts and could not take affect right now even if the President wanted it to) (also the executive action proposed does not make citizens of immigrants, simply re-categorizes those that are attempting to gain citizenship through the appropriate channels…..) was to refuse to pass a bill funding an entirely unrelated branch of government that a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT CREATED.

If you are not going to do your job, at least don’t impede others from doing theirs. What Republicans did, with their letter to the leaders of Iran, would have gotten any one of us working folks fired. You do not use petty propaganda in an office setting against a coworker or manager and then sign your name to it and expect that no one will take offense. What is worse than petty water cooler tactics that the Republicans have taken to is that instead of making any sort of impact on the leaders of Iran, they rather made themselves and in turn our government look disorganized and fractured and frankly they could not have sounded more condescending if they had tried to. Do Republican really believe that Iranian leaders, primarily educated in Western countries, somehow do not understand the basic tenants of a democratic government such as our own? If so then we are far more arrogant as a nation than I had previously realized.

What makes this entire fiasco that much more entertaining is not that it is a letter signed and attributed primarily to a freshman Senator from Arkansas…but that the response of the Iranian government was to call it exactly what it was…Propaganda.

Week 30: Or where did all this fluid come from?

Being thirty weeks pregnant is basically all about one thing. Leakage. If you haven’t already being leaking weird things from weird places you definitely are now. The first time I realized I was lactating it was a complete shock and honestly it made me a little nuts. I never seriously contemplated anything coming out of my nipples…ever…for any reason…And yet here I am. Leaking. This is not even mentioning the other less than pleasant bodily fluid increases. The one I will mention is the tears…I cried over a freaking Tim McGraw song today….

Ever felt like a crazy person? Well being thirty weeks pregnant will make you seriously consider the possibility. I mean who cries over every little thing? I’m not even sad. I’m not a crier. I avoid it like the plague. Thus far I have been fortunate enough to avoid any heavy public crying, but good grief. I didn’t even know my body could produce this many tears. And thats when I am not even particularly sad. I cry when I am frustrated…mad…happy…sad…indifferent…irritated….and for a thousand other reasons. Its beyond ridiculous.

At least I still have full control over my bladder.

The other part of being 30 weeks pregnant, well really pregnant at all, is that everyone is suddenly a dietician…Don’t eat that! Have you been eating enough of this? Don’t drink that! That’s bad for the baby! You won’t lose that weight if you eat too much of this or that. Thanks people. Really. I mean I gave up wine. What more do you expect? I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink right now. I don’t eat excessive sweets. I’ll drink my coffee if I want to. If I want two ridiculously tiny ice cream sandwiches I will damn well eat two of them. If I never lose the 20 pounds I’ve gained then I guess I’ll just be less attractive from now on out…I wasn’t looking to have another kid anytime soon anyway.

Now I am going to have my second cup of coffee (gasp)!

Pinterest Worthy Projects: Sewing on Snaps

Often the reason I stick to the same old techniques is fear of learning something new. Silly I know, but why learn a new skill when I have the old one down so well?! This week I broke the tradition and tried out sew on snaps. I’m still experimenting with the other pound on kind (not particularly successfully) but I totally mastered the sew on kind because it was ridiculously easy.

I was given this pack of snaps and they sat on my craft board for at least a couple of months before I decided to try them out. They are old, but they work fine and I prefer vintagy notions anyway.


I haven’t gone out to buy new snaps, but I can’t imagine they are particularly expensive.

There are really only a few steps to sewing on snaps. Basically you unsnap the snap from the card, place one side on each side of what you want to use the snaps for, and then sew them down around the ringed edged. My outer rim had four holes to sew down and so, much like sewing on a button you just sew it down. I placed these on bibs, so I sewed them on before I sewed the bib together.


Thats it. Its as easy as that! I am hopefully going to make a space page for the quiet book with stars and snaps next.


This bib and others like it are also available in my Etsy Shop!

What have you been working on?