Labor Class Pt 3: All about that breast


I can’t believe we are already more than half way through labor class. It feels like we just got started yesterday. Thus far we have talked all about birth and the stages of Labor, what support people are supposed to do, when to come into L&D, and a ton of other subjects related to baby and birth. Tonight the topic was breastfeeding, C-sections, Postpartum and the recovery time. I will say that tonight actually answered a few more questions for me than previous weeks.



One of the first things we did was pass around the same type of tubing they leave in you with an epidural. While the idea of having that in me is not all that pleasant…neither is pushing a baby out of my vagina. I figure it is a lesser evil scenario. Anyway, after that she talked about breastfeeding. This is something I have been really interested in since the beginning. For one thing, if I have to give the baby formula…I’m going to be eating a lot of sandwiches…and I mean a lot. While there is nothing wrong with formula feeding if that’s what other people want to do it is not financially practical for me. Having said that I know shit happens. I’d just really prefer to breastfeed. It’s better for baby and more practical for me. She showed us a good graphic representation of the size of a newborns stomach which helped me because I had been really worried that my supply would be enough…their tummies are tiny…I’ll probably be fine if I can just be persistent. I’m really good at persistence. And really freaking stubborn. So no worries there. We watched another video, this one on breastfeeding. There were tons of cute newborns and lots of mom sharing their stories with tears and happy faces. It was good to actually see how it is supposed to be done but the video did bring something home with me that had been only previously nagging at me a little in the back of my mind.

I don’t have the “awe” response. Every other woman…and a few men in the class tonight would “ooh” and “awe” over all the cute babies and their cute little expressions and how they rooted around looking for a nipple. While I know its cute, Or at least I know it is supposed to be cute, I feel very little about it. Steven seems to think it is because I am inundated with children and most of those women and men have never even changed a diaper. Maybe he is right. I don’t know. When it is my own baby that I carried around nine months and labored over for god only knows how long I’m sure it will be cute and precious and I will get all hormonally awe struck. For now however a baby is a baby. And yeah its cute, but its also a handful and probably needs a diaper change.

The last part of class was about recovery and post partum. They have these lovely impossibly large pads that we all get to wear. And an ice pack especially for post labor. And a bottle for hot water to spray on your junk cause wiping is a no no. And throw away panties…And they are going to come in every fifteen minutes, “massage” your abdomen, which is apparently incredibly yeah. Sounds great. The nice thing is there is a two hour period of rest before they take you to a room where you don’t have to tell anyone the baby is out or deal with visitors. I’m happy about that. I have no desire to have a ton of visitors while I get over an epidural or attempt to breastfeed. Chances are I am not really going to want to deal with visitors at all but I will tolerate them a lot better two hours post labor than immediately afterwards. The closer I get to delivery the more sure I am that having visitors while in the hospital is not something I am going to enjoy. But that is a worry for a different day. All in all labor class was helpful this week. Next week we talk about newborn care which I don’t think I will get as much out of but it may surprise me.


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