Adventures in sewing: When things don’t go according to plan

You know that lovely feeling you get when you have moved things around and have a more workable space. In my case this was accompanied by a lovely feeling because getting things moved meant I was making room for baby. I got most of my fabric and sewing notions moved last week and put into place to be used. I sat down to sew on a few projects I had been working on. I loaded a new bobbin, turned the machine on and proceeded to sew. This lasted for about 15 seconds…until I heard a horrid noise and saw the tangled mess of bobbin thread. It was about that time that I realized my machine had locked up. So I calmly got the fabric pulled out, cut the threads, checked to make sure the bobbin was loaded correctly and tried again. Same results. At this point I am a little less calm. I mean I have jammed the machine before….but I just chugged right along after cutting the mess and trying again. That was not the case yesterday. I ended up taking the plate off and dusting inside, which my poor machine needed desperately. I put it back together, tried again, and nothing. Same results. So I switched needles. Same results.

I googled and messed with it for about three hours. My mom looked at it. I looked at some of the worlds most unhelpful Youtube videos. Still nothing…Finally I went to see Paddington (which was excellent) and let it go for the night.

I got up the next morning and frankly felt like poo. I left the heat on the night before while I was sleeping which is not a good idea for me right now. I was feeling pretty stuffed up, pregnant and miserable. I didn’t mess with the machine immediately. I let it sit a while during my morning routine of reading and writing and such. Finally I got around to looking at it again. I decided to just put the plate back on, change the thread and the bobbin again and see what happens. I figured I needed to do at least that before my friend took time from her busy day to come look at my stubborn machine. To my shock and slight irritation it worked….perfectly…like it was working just a few days before. I am clueless as to what I did that fixed it. I’m glad it is fixed but it annoying to not know what the problem was to being with. I think this is probably a good lesson for me with this upcoming baby. Sometimes the only solution is time.

What adventures in sewing have you had lately?


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