Father Abraham…Had many…somethings

So VBS is now in the past. For those of you not raised in the deep south, that is Vacation Bible School. Basically children come to church for three, four, or five days or nights in a row for a few hours and learn bible stories, silly songs, and make cool crafts and eat awesome food. This is great. It is a ton of fun…and it is absolutely exhausting….for me. I am the one in charge of making sure the ship sails smoothly.


DSC_0011This is one of the better pictures. I might as well have planted a cot in my office or brought a pillow and camped out on the couch. I was pretty much here all the time. It went great though. We had about 75 registered, which is a stupendous number. That picture was more toward the beginning…Here is my at the end getting ready to head out to the waterslide.


Taken without my knowledge, if you cant tell. It was a heck of a week. It really was great though. From this experience and the ongoing Summer Series that we have going on right now I have a few nuggets of wisdom for managing large groups of children and volunteers.

1. Don’t take yourself, or what you are doing too seriously.

I am not always the best at this, in fact sometimes I completely fail to meet this goal and I get very worked up over a certain aspect of an event, but for the most part I try to adapt a laid back positive attitude.

2. Don’t forget the coffee.

Don’t expect to get much sleep in the summer. That is my new motto. If I thought I was going to get to lay back and relax…I was wrong. I have been working double hours and coming in long before everyone else just to keep up with these events. Coffee is my lifesaver.

3. Take pictures

Some of the cutest moments with peoples kids happen away from the  parents these days and parents wan’t to see that kids are having fun.

4. You have five minutes to get any one point across.

If you can’t teach or show children whatever it is you want to get them to remember or understand and you can’t do it with a song and dance or within five minutes you need to change your message.

I hope someone out there has been inspired!








Country Living Awesomeness!

I am so excited to announce that the clothing company  I have the privilege of working for, Idyll-Wilde, had one of our aprons featured in Country Living’s Made in America section.


Coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. I think I may take that magazine everywhere, for at least a month. This apron is hand made, I have cut out the fabric for just such an apron recently. The Gingham is actually not my favorite, but we have some really awesome ones.


This is a much better picture.


And we have aprons for the wee ones as well.

Craftin into the wild blue yonder

Where did I go??? Where did I go??? It has been ten long days since I published anything on my blog.

Well I went out into the great blue yonder and I got completely lost and then there was Vacation Bible School (yes, the name is lame) and I did a craft fair booth at a local farm and I worked my pattootie off. I will tell you all about all of it, but first things first!


Yes, I look freakin goofy…What of it?

The craft booth thing was absolutely awesome. We have this place in Florence/Muscle Shoals called Jack O Lantern Farms and they sell produce and local meet and local food. It is a great place. I love visiting. It just has a great atmosphere.They let local people come out and set up there about a week and a half ago.  Here are a ton of pictures!









The booth set up was free so all the money I made didn’t have to be put up against a costly fee and I got to work on projects while sitting in the shade of a borrowed tent and eating a wonderful chicken salad sandwich. It was a really awesome day. I did learn that I want to make my own table cloth, with bunting and a banner and neat frilly vintage lace.

I sold that patriotic wreath and a few pieces of hoop art. It was great. I had an awesome friend help me set up that morning. I recommend this for everyone. Hopefully my next post won’t be 10 days away.

Ya’ll have a lovely night.

Summer lovin: My top movie picks to get you ready for Summer

Summer is such a unique time of year. To me it is filled with sunshine, new growth, blooming flowers, sandy beaches, walks in the park, swimming in the creek, and floating down the river. These are the things that I live for. Some people may love Spring, Fall or Winter…. but I love Summer. In honor of the impending summer here are a few movies/shows that help me to get in the Summer frame of mind.

dirty dancing

1. Dirty Dancing

This is my all time favorite summer movie. I love it! I love Baby and Johnny. Baby is an idealistic young women who just wants to change the world by going to college and joining the peace core. Johnny is a charismatic young man with a talent for dancing that has been hardened by a hard life. I mean who hasn’t wanted to join the peace core at some point in their youth? This is a great movie for getting into swing of summer. It is full of dancing, and laughter and it is just plain great.


2. Safe Haven

While Safe Haven has its darker moments, at its very core it is about finding a new life, and being at peace with the old life. I love the setting, right on the beach and I love the actors and the characters that they portray. It is a great movie to get you thinking about small towns, out of the way stops, and summer vacations. Haven’t we all wanted to just hop on a bus and see where it takes us? It is one of the few Nicholas Sparks films that I recommend.

3. Lilo and Stitch

I love Stitch! He is the cutest, most destructive little critter imaginable. This movie is all about the surf and sand and laid back summer attitude. Nothing puts me in the mood for summer like this movie can. Lilo is the little kid that doesn’t quite fit in, but she loves to have fun and laugh and surf and swim. Summer is all about the fun and the water they we are having it near.

4. The Goonies!

Whats not to love about the Goonies? The Goonies is set at the end of the summer. It features adventure, a little romance, a lot of laughs and all the aspects of summer that make it my favorite season. “Goonies never say die”. The Goonies title refers to a group of friends. Each guy in the group is sort of a stereotypical personality type. There is a mouthy kid called “Mouth”, a horribly funny, tech genius, who just happens to be Asian named nicknamed Data, a large child with a little pudge called “Chunk”. There are hilarious nicknames, awful exercise clothes and typical 80’s hair. It is beautiful. This movie puts you in the mood to go seek out buried treasure in some unexplored part of the world. It is all about the misadventures we get ourselves into when we aren’t in school or work or otherwise distracted.

There are a ton of others, but I after watching these I hope you are ready to go out and take on a summer adventure of your own. Find a new love, make some new friends, reconnect with old friends, and bask in the sun!


All good things must end. And then what?

My sister just went through a break -up. Now, I firmly believe this is one of the best decisions that she has ever made. Break-ups suck. It is a sad, but very true state of human existence that every relationship must have a beginning and an ending. Sometimes these relationships end too quickly. People get snatched out of our lives long before we are ready and sometimes they stay in our lives long past when it would have been better to have ended a connection. I have seen and been a part of many break-ups. Few are ever happy. Endings are scary, and rarely ever at the right time for everybody involved. If you do have to suffer through such an ending here are some tips to keep you from feeling the break-up blues.

I think of the best ways that I have ever found to recover from a relationship ending is to reach out to friends and family, even, or maybe especially, ones you might have lost touch with.Let them support you. Lean on them. That is what they are there for. Instead of wallowing in self pity and eating gallons of ice cream alone, invite your friends over. They will listen to you complain and help you eat the ice cream. It is really tempting sometimes to dive into new relationships, but that doesn’t always end well. Rarely do we regret leaning on friends. Friends don’t judge and chances are you will be comforting them through a break up one day, if you haven’t already. It is ok to lean on someone else a little, especially if you are feeling icky and unloved.

This will sound simple,but have fun. Life is too short to be miserable because something ended when you could be enjoying the beginning of something else. Being alone is not a bad thing. Sometimes it can be the best thing. Go out and do exciting and fun things and don’t feel guilty about it. Having fun doesn’t mean that you miss that person any less, or that you don’t wish things might have been different, but it will keep you from sitting at home, alone, with that ever tempting ice cream. Go see a local band, invite some friends to see a movie, go try something new! It doesn’t matter. Just have fun.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Sometimes, when we are dealing with loss or emotional stress, we forget to take care of ourselves. We don’t eat like we know that we should and we don’t want to get up off the couch and exercise because wallowing can be a powerful temptation. Resist! Get outside and breathe the fresh air. Even if you aren’t a runner or you don’t like to his the gym,you can always just walk around your neighborhood. Just don’t coop yourself up the in the house in your PJ’s every time it’s tempting. That is alright occasionally, but it is easy to fall into that habit which is bad for self-esteem and generally doesn’t make you feel any better in the long run.

Set goals! Again, this may sound simple, but it rarely is. Set goals for yourself. Make a list of things that you want to accomplish, for you! What do you want out of life? What do you want out of the next month? Year? Whatever the goals are or the span of time, it doesn’t matter. We all need something to look forward to, something to work toward, and what better time to plan what you want than when you don’t have another person around to fit into those plans.

Be happy! Time heals, sometimes it takes a lot of time, but eventually we will all be alright.

Maleficent was Magnificent

I have a confession to make, I do not care for Sleeping Beauty. I really loved Disney movies, as  most children do. I watched the Little Mermaid until the VHS tape was worn out. The first movie I ever saw on the big screen was the Lion King. I still love most everything that Disney puts out. At 24 years old I can be caught singing Under the Sea and saying every lyric of the Jungle Book right along with the movie. So of course, I was really interested in seeing Maleficent.

This movie is incredible. I loved it. My husband loved it. There was a lot to love about. Maleficent, as we find out from the beginning of the movie, is a fairy who befriends a human. She is a sweet fairy child, with a glorious pair of wings.  She and her new friend grow older and as they do, they grow apart. The humans eventually try and take over Maleficent’s home, as humans are ever eager to do. This is where her old friend has to pick a side and this is also where the movie went from good to magnificent.

I always appreciate a movie that tries to tell a story from a new perspective, and this movie easily and beautifully accomplishes that. Maleficent is the guardian of her home. She has a beautiful set of wings. She has a loving and forgiving heart. She even forgives her childhood friend when he comes to warn her that the human king wants to harm her. And then she is drugged, and has her wings sliced from her body and taken to the king as a trophy. This is actually mentioned in the trailers, but seeing it in this movie is so powerful. This scene is very much like a woman waking up after being date raped.  Maleficent has just had a special part of her identity ripped away. It is such a powerful and sad image. Jolie does an amazing job with this character.

Even after all that betrayal Maleficent manages to be such a powerful female character. She does the hard thing. When Aurora is born, Maleficent curses her,as we are all familiar with from the cartoon. Aurora is taken deep into a secret place in the forest to be raised by three rather frizzled and flighty fairies. One of the best scenes in the movie is of Maleficent and young Aurora, played by Jolie’s young daughter.

This is a Disney movie, so of course we can expect a happy ending, but as they have been doing recently, it will not be what you expect. This is the movie to take your sister, or female friends to. It is really, truly, all about feminine struggle and female empowerment and getting past a betrayal of the worst kind. The hype surrounding the film is not just hype, it was truly magnificent.

Busy, Busy Bee! And Craft Fair Inspiration

That’s me, a busy bee. Yeah. I may be sliding into delirium. Too little sleep and too much to do. Let me summarize for you, VBS is in two weeks, and the summer series starts next week. I spent part of my weekend decorating and finalizing curriculum. Its going to be an exciting summer.


I recruited other decorators


This is my “not enough sleep” face

On top of all that I got these in the mail Saturday!


I’m furiously working away attempting to get ready for my booth in a couple of weeks. In celebration of that I thought I would share with you some of the craft fair inspiration I have been gleaning lately. Just click the pictures to be redirected!

1. This is a neat little check list for getting ready for those summer fairs!

2.T This display seems really easy and you can customize it!


3. This is such a creative display!

craft display  #craft fair #display

4. I love these little chalkboard signs

Some girls 2679

5.And the best for last. This lady is brilliant. Go check her out!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

Three Reasons Piper Chapman is an Admirable Female Character

Positively Smitten Magazine

Piper Chapman

I love a good series. I truly enjoy watching the characters develop over time, and if there is some romance, drama, and a few laughs along the way, I am content. Occasionally there is a character that comes along that I just adore, and at the same time can’t quite figure out. In Orange is the New Black, the Netflix series that returns to us with season 2 in June, Piper Chapman is that character.

When we first meet Piper, or “Chapman” as she is known in prison, (and that is prison, not jail) she seems like a silly, scattered, shell shocked young woman with no idea of what she got herself into. At first we have no idea how she landed herself in prison; there was a moment when I wondered when we would ever find out, and then you do and it makes only a little sense. Chapman…

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