Scrap Stash Musings: Framed pincushion tutorial

Good morning! I am joining the Pinworthy Projects Party from Domestic Superhero.

domestic superhero

I hope you all enjoy my tutorial for framed pincushions. This is a great way to use up those fabric scraps. On my yard sale adventure last week I picked up a few of these mini frames for a quarter a piece.

You will need:

Fabric scraps


something to stuff your pin cushion with

hot glue

craft thread

a needle

and whatever you need to decorate your frame (if needed)


I chose to paint my frames!

I painted the heart shaped one yellow, then added some glitter to some modge podge!


After you get your frames ready I suggest painting them with a coat of sealant. I used modge podge.

Next, you will need to pick out your fabric, then using the glass from your frame, trace around the glass, loosely, leaving about an inch of space and cut out your shape.


After the shape is cut out you will need to break out the needle and thread and make a straight stitches around the edges. It should look something like this.


Pull it together, leaving the thread and needle in and untied. Stuff the shape. Then slip the glass piece in the pack, pulling the thread taught to pull the fabric edges around it.


I secured my fabric edges to the glass with hot glue and tied the thread off. After this step you are read to stuff the cushion back through the frame.


Put the back on and you are done!

I liked it so well that I made two!






Thrifty Thursday! Its Back!

Thrift Thursday is back!

Let’s recap, shall we!

Tip number 1: When you hear of a deal, take advantage of it.

Tip number 2: Take some time to sort through the trash for the treasure.

Now, on to today’s nuggets of wisdom.

This, my friends, is yard sale season!

I love it! Love, love, love it!

Which leads me to my next tip,

3. Make a list.

Always go with an idea of what you might want to get. If you are a sewing queen, look for fabric.


I got several yards for just a couple bucks. If you knit, look for yarn. I got a box of yarn for my grandmother-in-law for $2.00. Always have an idea of what you are looking for.

4. Other’s people trash, can most likely be your treasure (with a little planning).

I got these:

DSC03926 DSC03927

and a bag of vintage quilt squares, as well as a bag of scrap fabric. I love mushrooms, so that is exciting and the other stuff has endless possibilities. The quilt squares went to a friend who is making some cute little things, and the scrap fabric I can always find use for. The total for all of that.


That lady just wanted to get it out of her house. Which was an advantage for me. This is a common theme at yard sales. You can get incredible things, for next to nothing.

I hope you find these useful. Have a great weekend!


Awesome new notebook!

I know that everyone has probably heard about the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day awesomeness by now, but I just wanted to share with you all what I won last week.


This super cute journal was given to me by the lovely Britt Kilpatrick from Bright Eyed Birdie.

There are a ton of great items in her shop, like these vintage illustrated journals:

Vintage Illustrated Journals : 1940's Old Maid Reproductions

And this awesome card!

Fire Breathing Shark - Birthday Greeting Card

And these are adorable as well!

Give A Book Instead of A Card: Library Card Baby Shower Insert

Go check her out! I think I am going to use my new notebook to keep up with what I am working on for you lovelies in my own Etsy shop.

Have a great Monday!

It’s hot! And other stories…

Good morning!

I think we are finally past the cold weather and potential frost and on to the extremely hot weather that everyone in North Alabama, including myself, is a little more used to.  Steven is finally graduated and all of that is over with and that is good. We had his graduation party yesterday which was fun.


The other fun thing I did yesterday was tour the local yard sales with the sister. I got some really awesome stuff. Our strategy is usually to check the local adds, grab a GPS and follow where the road leads us. Yesterday was epic. I got an entire box of yard for $2.00, I got several neat clothing items, I acquired several miniatures frames for a project I am going to work on next week, and my favorite item was the Belvah purse and wallet that I acquired for $1.

Today is going to be full of completing projects and cleaning up and prepping for First Friday’s even though I have no idea if I got a booth yet. I hope everyone else has a lovely day!

And don’t forget about the sale I have going on right now! Us the code CELEBRATE2 to get 10% off.

In defense of Chapman: Orange in the New Black

I love a good series. I truly enjoy watching the characters develop over time, and if there is some romance, drama, and a few laughs along the way I am content. Occasionally there is a character that comes along that I just adore, and at the same time want to smack upside the head. In Orange is the New Black, the Netflix series that returns to us with season 2 in June,  Piper Chapman is that character.

Netflix has done a great job with the various series that they have produced and Orange is the New Black is no different. When we first meet Piper, or Chapman as she is known in prison, (and that is prison, not jail) she seems like a silly, scattered, shell shocked young woman with no idea of what she got herself into.  At first we have no idea how she landed herself in prison, there was a moment when I wondered when we would ever find out, and then you do and it makes only a little sense. Chapman has a boring, but truly sweet Jewish boyfriend, turned fiance at the last minute, and an apparently troubled and lesbian past. She has a tense relationship with her own parents, and a tense relationship with her future in-laws. Like most of us, she will need therapy at some point for the issues that she gained from her mother. She has friends, and a fairly normal life…and then bam…prison…15 months in prison to be exact.

The first time I tried to watch this series I only made it through the first episode. I watched that and didn’t think there was anything to the series so I gave up on it. Then I mentioned it to a friend at work who told me that she really enjoyed it. Based on that recommendation I tried it again and loved it. With my newly opened mind I discovered that Chapman is actually a strong woman. She is in prison, away from her family and fiance, her friends and her normal life…When most of us would have been hiding under the bed that she wasn’t allowed to sleep in, curled in the fetal position in need of some wine and a Valium, she bounces back again and again from some fairly traumatic situations.

.@oitnbmemes (Orange Is The New Black Memes) 's Instagram photos | Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer

Not only is Piper strong, she is smart.Yes, she is well educated, which is a rarity in the prison that she finds herself in, but she is also quick on her feet. She thinks her way out of many situations that would otherwise be rather perilous for her. Her true talent is that she is smart enough to get herself out of the situations that her inexperience with prison life get her into. She says the wrong thing, but she figures her way out of it. She also uses her knowledge to help other inmates with their appeals which wins her friends that she would not otherwise have.

More than being strong enough to survive and smart enough to think her way out of sticky situations, Piper is kind. This is not to say that she is perfect. She makes some fairly stupid decisions, and she hurts some of the people around her, but fundamentally she is kind. She attempts to help her fellow inmates rather than intimidate them or be super tough. She is a complex character, but definitely a good one. Check out the show if you haven’t already. I promise that it is worth it.


What’s new and what’s finished and 150 followers!

I have so many posts up in my head that need to come out and I think, after a very dry few days that I going to write them out today! Also, I would like to say thank you for my followers! I have just reached the 150 mark through WordPress. It is sort of odd to me that so many people actually want to hear more of this blog, but I am happy about it.

A heartfelt thank you to all my pinning friends for your encouragement and support this past year.  May 2013 bring you joy, happiness, laughter, success, along with tons of new pins!

This has been a busy week thus far. Steven graduated from police academy! Finally! He starts his first shift as a full fledged officer tonight. That is an odd though, but I think he is ready for it.


Steven, with his grandmother Inez, who got to hang out with me for a couple of days.


Yes, I know that I am so pale I should sparkle in sunlight


And Steven’s buddy Roemer

I picked a winner for my blog giveaway last week and while hanging out with Inez and waiting on graduation to happen I finished up her custom hoop art of Ohio!


You can find this listing here. This can also be customized for any state. I had fun with this project. I can’t wait for the next giveaway day.

As I mentioned earlier, I have about a million ideas for posts that will be coming to you shortly, but does anyone have a topic that they would like me to talk about? any questions? I have received a few new followers lately and I would love to answer any questions.  That being said, I think it is high time I do another tutorial. I am going to make little price signs for my booth and I hope to do a tutorial of  how to make those.

Have a lovely hump day!


Giveaway Day Winner and Coupon code


Last week I hosted a giveaway as a part of the SMS giveaway day! I deicded to giveaway  a piece of hoop art in your choice of state. This is just one giveaway as a part of Give Away day 2014 which is put on by Sew Mama Sew. The one displayed is Alabama, with a heart over the city I live in.

The winner was Stacy Alfano!

She lives in Ohio and that is the state she requested. I will post pictures of the prize later this week and the design will be available in my Etsy shop.

I actually won something from the giveaways last week as well and I cant wait for it to arrive so that I can show it to you all. 

Please like me on Facebook or follow me on Bloglovin or twitter to find out about my next giveaway. In ho or of the great fun I had last week and for all my new Facebook followers I have a coupon code for my Etsy shop for all of you!

Just use the code CELEBRATE2 for 10% off your next

Pinterest worthy projects: Custom cup cozy project

I got a neat order request through Etsy for a coffee cozy or cup cozy. They sent me an idea. They wanted it to look like a lined piece of paper. Almost like this:

So here is what I came up with:




What do you all think? Hit or miss? I think it turned out great. It is now listed in my Etsy shop here.

Don’t forget to comment on my giveaway and like my Facebook page. Today is the last day for the giveaway.

Have a lovely weekend.


How does your garden grow?

Don’t forget about my giveaway which ends soon! Go here

I had a lovely mother’s day, even though I am technically not a mother. Being in Children’s Ministry means that people are kind enough to loan me their children and I got to spend some time with those kids on Sunday.

Steven got me some new plants and a nifty St. Francis statue. for the garden.



I got to play around with my many nifty plants!

10308106_10100135984010585_8084445985497602248_n 10306636_10100135983766075_5736852664787661118_n 10341821_10100135983935735_2749437906001241348_n 10308213_10100137070947355_2741426212698115854_n 10295820_10100135983955695_310722163417635475_n 10253947_10100135983850905_806698409038979786_n

And I got to play with the fur babies!

10372128_10100137071042165_7469382781299471740_n 10336832_10100137071027195_5375920787908440513_n 10372003_10100137070822605_4217315444794461976_n 1511220_10100137070797655_5650462105913559211_n

They are climbing everywhere.

Yes, I am extremely pale.


This is my favorite plant thus far. Thanks to the people at Court Street Market for the awesome Nasturtiums.

Get outside and enjoy life.


May Giveaway Round Up!

I have become so fond of round ups that I have decided to make them a series. I am going to call it Tutorial Tuesday’s.

his week the awesome people at Sew Mama Sew are hosting a ton of giveaways! I am giving away this piece of hoop art which I will customize by state depending upon the winner.


You can find more information about my giveaway here!

I have picked some of my favorite of this week’s giveaways to share with you but there are a ton more that you should check out!

1. This cute divided bag is up for grabs from Owls and Co.

2. This is a neat organizer from Daydreams of Quilts.


3. I love these notecards by Stitch/Craft.

Giveaway - Favorite Sewing Supplies and a Tote - The Silly Pearl

4. This is an absolutely awesome give away of craft supplies from Silly Pearl.

5. Gnomes! I love gnomes. Check this giveaway out from Casa Crafty.

6. These garlands from Quilted Cupcake are adorable!

7. This fabric stash from Our Busy Little Bunch makes me happy just looking at it.


8. Aren’t these hoops adorable! These are from Call Her Happy.

I hope you all check out Sew Mama Sew for all the giveaways!