Pinterest Round Up: Fabric Flower Projects

Here is my Pinterest Round up in keep with finding uses for those scrap fabrics I give you ideas for using Fabric Flowers as well as some tutorials on how to make them.


2010-05-05 16.28.38

Tutorial here!




I am in love with this spring flower arrangement. I want to make one for my office. The tutorial can be found here.


I love these! I made a ton. Here is a great tutorial.


Lee Lynn  -  Teal, Orange, and brown  rosette bib statement necklace. $38.99, via Etsy.

This is such a cute necklace!


Lovin this unique handmade fabric flower vintage jewelry bracelet. Ladies time to look in your jewelery boxes and start creating....

And some other cute jewelry!


Definetly want to make something like this for a spring themed wreathe! LOVE IT, and it's so simple and chic! Plus I love homemade decor, it adds such a personal touch :)

Something like this is going in my office!


Lil Girl Springtime Tote Free Sewing Tutorial

This comes with two neat tutorials


Custom Embroidered Pillow with Rosette and Fabric Flower Appliqué - Memory Pillow via Etsy

This would probably take forever but it would look cute in my office!


Tea Rose Home: Tutorial ~ She Wears Flowers

And finally, this seems like a really neat way to dress up a cardigan!


If you like what you see then check out my Pinterest boards for other inspiration. I will pick one or maybe a few of these ideas to make a tutorial of in the next few days! Comment on what you might like to learn how to make.




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