Scrap Stash Musings: Quilted Pin Cushion Tutorial

Step 1: Decide on what fabrics that you want to use. This is a fluid tutorial and it is a fluid project. You can add or subtract things as you feel like it. It does not have to be a certain way. I would advise picking one piece as your base. I chose a 5″x10″ rectangle of pink floral scrap material.


Step 2: Once I had my base I cut out a scrap piece of felt and sewed it down onto it.

Step 3: I then pinned down strip onto my original piece:

DSC03277 DSC03278

And then I cut and pinned some more:


Step 4: Sew the pieces down

DSC03288 DSC03292

Step 5: I added a bit of ric rac and you can ad any decorations you wish.


Step 6: Sew the sides together leaving one end open to stuff

Step 7: Stuff your pin cushion. I stuffed mine with steel wool and tiny scrap fabric pieces


IDSC03299 DSC03300


Step 8: fold your ends under and sew the end closed.





And voila! Easy peasy lemon squeazy.




2 thoughts on “Scrap Stash Musings: Quilted Pin Cushion Tutorial

    • It keep the pins sharp, or so they say. You can use steel wool or a variety of other filling in conjunction with other filling such as fabric scraps, fluffy stuff, sand,…I’ve even heard of people using dried recycled coffee grounds.

      Thanks for the question!


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