Road trip 2013


Last Wednesday my sister and I embarked on a journey. I know I haven’t written a particularly large amount recently. The reason for that being one i hate to admit, but I have been in something of a dark, negative place. Last week I took a trip. Sometimes that is the only thing we can do to gain perspective. We went from Florence, to Corinth to pick up my dad, then from Corinth to New Orleans. Along the way we had a few, ok several, things go wrong. More than we could have ever anticipated. The 7 hour trip from Corinth to New Orleans took 13 hours. I suppose our first mishap was that when we stopped to pick up dad, Faith lost her phone…and after 45 minutes of looking for it we couldn’t find it. Along the way we picked up a new one for her but that delayed us as well.The next mishap was that the temperature gauge kept going up and when we stopped to put fluid in it the fluid would only last a little while which equals a leak somewhere. So we dealt with that and had to occasionally stop in order to refill on fluids and let it cool down. That picture is us entering Louisiana.


Audubon Zoo in New Orleans

This was the first trip I had taken with my dad and sister since I was about 10 years old. Faith and I hadn’t taken a trip together in several years either so that was interesting. She doesn’t handle crisis well, and dad is sort of childlike in his dealing with anything. After a couple more hours on the road we had a tire fall apart, so I changed it and put on the spare but you can only take that so far so we pulled into a tire place to replace it. They replaced it a few minutes before 5:00pm. We had been traveling since 7am and by this point weren’t very coherent which is I suppose why we didn’t notice that the tire was too large. We went to get gas and get back on the interstate when we noticed the weird noise which led me to look at the tire and realize it was scrubbing…so back to the tire place before it closed and they re-replaced it. It is now 6pm when we get back on the road. We did pretty well to make it into New Orleans by 8pm.


I like this picture for whatever reason. We were delirious.

Luckily hotel check in was pretty easy. We checked out the French Quarter about 10pm that night and then spent Thursday in New Orleans. I learned that the streets are tiny and hard to navigate. We went to the Zoo, and walked the French Quarter in the daytime. That part was fun.


It was surprisingly hard to be away from home. I can’t even explain why. I suppose I felt like if I wasn’t there everything would fall apart. It wasn’t until we got to my Aunt’s that I got over that. I’ll post more about that later.

Go pet an elephant