Moving forward and exciting times


Sorry for the long break everyone. It has been a rather hard week for me. I am slowly moving past my grief into a better state of mind. I have read 3 books, played several video games and worked from dawn until dusk nearly every day, and spent a lot of time sleeping. I suppose everyone deals with their grief differently. The last few days have been a lot of fun though.

The husband took me to a movie Friday night. We haven’t done that in ages. We went to see Fast and Furious 6. It was not what I expected but I loved it. I have been watching since the beginning and I have to say they did a great job. I’ve always been a bit of a racing fan girl which helps my opinion I suppose.


Those three books I mentioned earlier were all pretty awesome.


Feehan did an amazing job once again with introducing stellar characters and a seamless story.

ewyThis was my first time really reading anything of Sylvia Day’s. I’ve read this series (of which this is the third book) and I have to say that to really form an opinion I will have to read it again.

elAnd this book…What can I really say about it? It was good, in that fluffy sort of way. It is book two in a series which may or may not be at an end. It is worth reading, but the fact that the characters are barely legal may turn some people off.


I am going to review at least one of these books in the coming days. If you all have a preference for which one I would love to hear about it!


Have a blessed and hopefully dry day.