Crazy crafting extravaganza…

Hello all!

I just found out yesterday that I made it into a juried craft fair on Friday where it may or may not rain and it is outdoors and I don’t yet know my booth assignment.

I’m stressed.

That about sums up the last two days. I am scrambling to get ready and to make extra stock. I have essentially enough to fill a table but I want to finish the stack of things that I have cut out and ready to sew before Friday so that I can bring them with me. The good news is that I got in. The bad news is that I can only sell purses, kindle cases, and my wire trees and not headband or hairbows. I can understand why since they have other seasoned sellers that were selling those items first but it still kind of stresses me a bit since i have a lot more of those things (easier to make and cheaper). It will all come out in the wash…or at least that is what I tell myself. I am going to ask you all for any advice. Pricing is stumping me right now but I guess I will just have to find a price for everything and stick with it and see how it works. Here are some things I have been working on.



And several more things that I didn’t have time to picture.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Thrifty with a side of awesome: Stretching Pennies

I love you guys. All of you that read my random conglomerate of posts and actually get something out of it. A friend from work told me that I made him laugh the other day, That was an awesome feeling.

Now onto the subject of today’s post. I am starting a new segment of posts. Stretching Pennies! Stretching Pennies will feature all of my thrifted and crazy awesome vintage finds. I love to shop at thrift stores, garage sales, and everything in between. Yesterday was my baby sister’s birthday.


Isn’t she adorable!

So for her birthday I took her to about half a dozen thrift stores around town and let her pick out whatever she wanted. She got a lot of cute clothes, a water bottle cozy, a stuffed owl..It was a great day and a lot of fun. I picked up quite a few things as well. There were two Ziploc bags full of sewing notions at two separate stores that I picked up. They contained a number of different things like these patches


I’ve been here

There were two other patches from Nevada and Florida but I thought this one was neat because I visited a few years back.


I needed new pins

DSC02139 - Copy

Now we get into some of the more awesome finds. The green buttons are from 1955. How awesome is that! Vintage buttons, I can’t wait to put them on something.


Could always use more elastic


Vintage rick rack and bias tape


A few more random sewing notions


lace and plate also thrifted


And drumroll please….This is probably the most interesting find of the day. It is a vintage oriental hugging man pincushion. It has a few obvious pin holes but it is still in excellent condition and will be going in my Etsy shop as soon as a get a minute to list it.

All of this, all of these vintage and fully awesome sewing notions were found in two ziploc bags for $2.00 total. At the end of the day I got all of that, a dress, skirt, sweater and all of my sisters finding for 20.00 even. I started out this series with this post because I wanted everyone to realize that awesome, affordable and earth conscious thrifted finds are right around the corner at their local thrift shop. Please stay tuned for next Sunday’s Stretching Pennies post.

I will leave you with this

Peace be with you.



The Liebster Award

I have recently been nominated for the Liebster award. What is that? Well I said the same thing. It seems like a really neat way of sparking creativity and highlighting under appreciated blogs just waiting to burst into the consciousness of the masses. The idea is to get to know the blogger a little better and then get to know other bloggers a little better as well.

What is it?

The Liebster Award is designed to bring recognition to smaller blogs–that is, blogs with 200 or fewer followers.

The Rules
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog. Thank you Normal is the New Weird for bestowing this honor upon me.
2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked of you, and create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate.
3. Nominate 11 blogs you think deserve to be noticed, and leave comments for them letting them know they’ve been chosen.
4. Display the Liebster Award logo.
5. No tag-backs.

 Starting with 11 things about me.

1.       Oddly enough I don’t like to talk about myself. I love to blog and talk about the things that I am doing or current events ect, but I don’t like to talk about little ole me.

2.      I  have had the same dog for 16 years. Her name is Baby (yes, I was in love with Dirty Dancing as a child). She is a toy rat terrier and a sweet little dog.

3.      The only clothes that I will buy new are underwear and the occasional jeans or shoes. Otherwise I buy all clothes second hand or I make them.

4.      I have hated Koolaid and other “juice” flavored drinks since I was a child.

5.      I am currently 23 years old and I have visited 23 different states.  My goal is one new one a year from now on.

6.      I love the rain but despise being cold.

7.       It is my secret dream to open a coffee/crafting shop that sells a different featured book each month or CD or movie etc.

8.      I have a brother and a sister. We all have the same blue eyes and similar faces but totally different hair.

9.      I’m not ashamed to take things people have left on the side of the road that they don’t want anymore and make them into something awesome!

10.   I was homeschooled from 2nd grade all the way through high school graduation. I loved it!

11.    I have asthma, polycystic ovaries and a latex allergy,

A Little bit more about me by request:

What has been the best/most surprising thing you’ve learned from blogging?

I am most surprised by fun I have blogging and the followers I have gained. I thought it would be kind of fun, but I never expected a following.

If you could go back and make one moment of your life last just a little bit longer, what would it be?

I was on Flaggler beach in Florida a few years ago with someone I have since lost. If I could go back it would be on that beach.

 What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

This is actually a hard one. I love food. I love nearly every type and shape of food. I think right now my favorites are seafood and BBQ stuffed baked potatoes. My least favorite foods are odd flavored yogurts.

 If you could move your entire life somewhere else for a year and then come right back to where you were and pick up where you left off, where would you move to?

I would move to the west coast and live in a beach house making money from odd jobs for a year.
What would you tell today’s kids/teenagers if you could get them all together (and be assured they will listen to you) for 30 minutes?

Don’t conform. Don’t be a social norm. Be yourself. We have enough people in this world who walk through it like sheep blindly following.

 Would you rather be surprised by death or have time to prepare?

When I was ten years old I was not supposed to live to be eleven. Ever since then I have not been afraid of death and I try to be always prepared so I don’t think it would bother me to not know exactly what day and time. It could be a surprise. I’ve tried to live my life in such a way that if it ends tomorrow I will feel like I accomplished what I wanted to.
 What quality do you admire in someone you know that you wish you had yourself?

I wish I was able to get past my natural reserve and just tell people when they are invading or stepping on my personal boundaries. Like hey, don’t scream at me because you are having a bad day. I have a hard time with that. My husband on the other hand does not. I admire him for that.
What is the best time of day?

Mornings are the very best times for me. I love getting up, making a pot of coffee and enjoying the quiet.
Is Facebook wonderful or too dangerous to be worth it?

Anything can be dangerous, but Facebook is a great tool. I think if you are an adult then it shouldn’t be something you are afraid of. Most of the information about us is already on the internet anyway.
When is it ok to keep a secret?

Only when it is someone else’s.

 How do you overcome writer’s block with your blog?

I actually blogged about this not long ago. I get up early, make a pot of coffee, go outside for a few minutes and soak up life. If that doesn’t work a shower or checking out other blogs or pinterest can sometimes help.

Here is my list of questions for those that I am nominating:

1.Why did you start your blog/when did you start blogging?

2. Do you watch or read or follow current events or prefer to not know?

3. What is in your fridge right now?

4. What if a perfect moment in time like for you?

5. What is your favorite/least favorite book.

6. If you have a favorite place to write where is it?

7. Beach house or Mountain cottage?

8. What is your favorite topic to write about or what “tag” do you use the most?

9. Who is your favorite author?

10. Star Wars or Star Trek or neither?

11. If you could get on a plane to any place outside the US right now and take a vacation where would you want to go?











Earth day and organization

Good morning,

Today is Tuesday, and while I hate to wish my life away I kind of wish it was Thursday. However it is still Tuesday. In the spirit of Earth day and to go along with the household organizing and cleaning effort I have planned a massive fabric organization project.

Armed with some coffee…


So when I say I have a lot of fabric to reorganize I’m really not exaggerating…

ImageOne bag


One medium size box


Another box….

And this is about a third of the fabric that I need to organize. Some of it I was given, some actually bought from JoAnn’s, but most I picked up second hand or I recycled from unwanted garments etc. I looked up “fabric organization” on the awesome pinterest and came up with a lot of similar themes.

This is one person’s idea

And here is another one

And here is another

These were all pretty great but the thing is everyone was buying expensive plastic boards or comic book boards or some other bought item. I thought about this and decided that really it was just pieces of cardboard or plastic cut to a certain size. Cue my digging through the recycling…


And cutting boxes, old file folders, and other assorted pieces of cardboard to size.

And here is the first part of my fabric organization effort


I will make another post when I am through with it all and have it on the shelves.

Have a great day!


Dove Does Not Give A Shit About Whether Or Not You Feel Beautiful

This lady has some amazing points

The Belle Jar

Sometimes I feel like social media turns me into some kind of awful, gruesome caricature of a feminist. I spend waayyyy too much time jumping in on Facebook posts or tweets or blogs to explain why this specific thing, whatever it happens to be, is actually problematic. And I try not to do this, honest I do. I know that it’s annoying as fuck. I know that I come off like I’m Lisa Simpson except ten times worse and with more swears. I know that. I promise I do.

All of this is to explain why I have been so quiet and patient about Dove’s latest marketing campaign, Dove Real Beauty Sketches. I haven’t said anything about it. Nada. Zilch. Haven’t commented on anyone’s links, haven’t tweeted about it, haven’t even whispered darkly about it to myself when I’m alone at night and unlikely to offend anyone.

But then my…

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Unleashing our inner creative genius

            This has been a whirlwind of a month. First of all it is April, and if you are anything like me that means that tax obligations weigh heavily on your mind. Between that and the trip I took last week my normal creative juices just seemed to come to a screeching halt. I’m such a routine junkie and I need that for all of my crafting since I have two day jobs, a passel of dogs and a husband to keep up with. It seems to me that the creative process gets a lot of press. There is the creative process as the world sees it and then what I do to help me get back into the swing of craftiness after having something of a forced crafters block.


What the creative process looks like to science

            When I decided that I wanted to write on this topic my first thought was to Google “creative process”. Turns out I needed a stout cup of coffee to even begin to decipher some of the things that popped up from that search. Most of it was…well…not very creative. I found several general creative process lists. All of them were rather boring and not at all how I approach crafting and making things. Everyone has a creative process. This may sound like an over generalization but I believe it is true. Our creative process comes into play not only when we sit down and sew that truly beautiful quilt, or when we make those truly special earrings, but in every day problem solving.


A much more amusing take on it

Even blogging requires some creativity. Below I have included some steps that I take is my process.


Step 1: Coffee (or other morning beverage)

On mornings that I know I am going to get to spend a significant portion of the day crafting waking up extra early is an exciting thing. The first thing I do is start a pot of coffee. If you aren’t a coffee or a tea drinker then juice is a good alternative.

Step 2: Blog surfing/Blog writing

            This may sound strange, but I often find that writing about whatever I decide to write about that day helps me to start thinking about what I want to make that day or what I need to make in the case of custom orders. There are so many encouraging and inspiring blogs out there. Some of them have nothing to do with crafting but I find that they put me in the right frame of mind.


Step 3: Breath some fresh air

            As cheesy as this may sound, it is vital to me. I don’t live in the best neighborhood, but even sitting on my front porch with my coffee for five minutes improves my total productivity and creativity for the day. You could take your crafting stuff to a park and work there a while. I have a bag that is reserved just for packing a few things to work on in the park. If you have one within walking distance that is even better.


Step 4: Pinterest

            Now, this is not a license to copy every idea you see from Pinterest, but it is a great place to be inspired. If you just can’t seem to get in the crafting mood, go there. Check it out. It is full of great ideas and tons of resources for the cleverly crafty mind.


Step 5: A Clean Workspace

            Alright, so I am the worst about this. I literally have fabric, buttons, beads and every other crafty implement to be imagined everywhere in my house. Granted most of it is semi organized, but my sewing station needs to be put back into a semblance order. Having a clean, organized, crafting space is a must. I know that I am much more inclined to make something new if I don’t feel I have to dread the clean-up process from 10 old projects. Don’t let that stuff pile up!

And finally:

Step 6: Try something new or finish something old!

            These may sound like conflicting ends of the spectrum but hear me out. Every time I set a project aside when I come back to it that is the most satisfying feeling in the world to complete it. When I am stuck, I find that trying something new is great for inspiring me to do things that I might now otherwise do with the crafting mediums I normally use.


So what steps do you take to unleash you inner creative genius? What do you do when you are feeling creative or to work up to a day of crafting?


The key to looking physically beautiful is feeling like you look good and other random thoughts


I have always hated the brand Skinny Cow. I realize that their frozen treats may be amazing and low calorie and a ‘better’ alternative than Godiva or Starbucks or Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. That doesn’t alter my dislike of their name and the way that they have branded themselves. Lets take the two words separately shall we. Skinny seems like a good thing to be now a days. Everyone wants to be thought of as skinny. With summer coming on skinny is all the rage for beach bodies and bikini season. That in and of it self, while it has flaws that I won’t go into on this post, is not so bad. Then there is the word cow….What woman in her right mind wants to be called a cow….As cute as baby calves are no woman wants to be pictured in the same light as a hairy…rather fat…saggy chested…bovine animal. So every time I see this brand I think they are making fun of the thin-ness that so many women aspire to. It is like “Here eat this low cal alternative to sugary goodness that is ice cream but you will never be thin anyway so why do you bother?”.

On that note, I know that if you are like me you are either getting back into some sort of exercise routine or really stepping up the one you were already started on because summer is coming. Bikini season is coming. Bridesmaid season is coming (this is my personal reason). We all want to look as awesome as possible when shoved into that hard to be flattering two piece bathing suit or that pink chiffon nightmare of a bridesmaid dress. It is good to be physically active. It will prolong life and make you feel better in the day to day. While you are whirling around trying to look like the inner goddess you really are, don’t forget that you also need to feel beautiful. we are all beautiful, and we all have someone looking up to us to see how we perceive ourselves so that they can learn how they should perceive themselves. Let that shine. Believe that you are, because if you don’t chances are no one else will either.

Today marks the end of my work week and I celebrated it by walking the 1.79 miles to work this morning. Go out and see the lovely day!


When we are sad…


Today I am sad. That is a simple sentence that we probably don’t say often enough. If you are like me then you repress all of those sad feelings because you don’t have time for them, it would be an inconvenience to someone else if you expressed them, etc.. There are many reasons that we put on our happy faces when we are less happy inside.

One of the best and most influential men in my life taught me one of the most important lessons. Every morning I would come to work and sometimes I would beat him in, sometimes he would beat me in, but I would always say “Good morning” when I saw him. After that I would follow the typical southern greeting of “How are you?”. Most of the time we get these polite, one word responses from people. People say “fine”, or “I’m fine”, or “great”, or “ok”. They never say how they actually are, and we never expect them to. This man was different. If he was feeling bad he would say that, if it was a great morning he would tell me, but no matter how it was he would always answer the question honestly.  That taught me a few things. I learned to actually listen to the response when I asked how someone was. I learned that it was acceptable to not be”ok” all of the time. I learned that the honest answer to that question means something.

I’m sad today. It is acceptable to be sad. I don’t have to “fake it till I make it”. I can be sad and deal with that. I can be sad and not be ashamed of that. There are many things to be happy about and I know that. I will be in better spirits before the day ends I am sure, but right now I am going to deal with the grief that comes with the knowledge that a loved one is dying, financial insecurity, and venomous words spewed at me out of the blue and all of the other sad realities that plague us in day to day life.


Progress on those 2013 Resolutions

Hello all!

Today is the halfway point through April. I want to dedicate today’s post to checking up on my progress through that rather ambitious resolutions list. I did a similar update back in March. Anything that I have completed is or am close to completing will be in Italics. I missed blogging this week. I am glad to be back in the saddle again. I have got to get a keyboard for my Kindle for when I am on vacation in the summer.

6. Go Dancing

I accomplished this one this week with Steven when we were on our trip. We even got a compliment for our skills. 😉


18. Try 5 new cocktails: Mambo taxi

I am on one of five. I probably need to get a move on there, I had a frozen Mambo Taxi at Rosie’s and it was very good.


17. Take pictures as often as possible

This blog has helped a lot with this one. I like to have pics in my blog so I have to take a lot of them.


21. Journal every day for a month

I am at three weeks. I just have to make it through the next few days to have this one completed. I have been doing morning pages though I confess that not every morning do I write as soon as I wake up.

14. Weigh myself regularly

15. Wear bathing suit proudly

These are two hard one for me that go kind of hand in hand. I am not there yet by any means, but I actually *gasp* got on the tread mill the other day. It was a strange experience. Perhaps I will be able to make it a habit. The Ipod helps.

Now I just have to make it through the rest of these before the year ends. I have 30 that I haven’t even started on yet. I shall persevere!

1. Volunteer for an environmentally friendly service project.

2. Attend a CoC service.

3. Build a castle (Minecraft Style)

4. See the beach

5. Host a Pinterest party

6. Go Dancing

7. Make Fudge

8. Successfully make bread dough rise

9. Use only homemade detergent

10. Visit a new state

11. Have a functional me space

12. Put Christmas up before February

13. Have semi professional pics of Steven and I

14. Weigh myself regularly

15. Wear bathing suit proudly

16. Ring a Church Bell

17. Take pictures as often as possible

18. Try 5 new cocktails: Mambo taxi

19. Finish Wedding Scrapbook

20. Finish Disney Scrapbook

21. Journal every day for a month

22. Hang degree above desk

23. License

24. Start savings account for house down payment and 10th anniversary trip

25. Pay for a strangers lunch

26. Try something new

27. Volunteer at the animal shelter

28. Hold others as responsible as myself

29. Start a life’s ambition notebook

30. Go fishing with my dad

31. See my Aunt Kathy

32. Try Yoga (every day for two months)

33. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in a row

34. Argue Less. Bull shit less.

35. Write letters to those people no longer in my life and let them go. 

36. Crochet something amazing

37. Learn one full piano song

38. Start researching my family tree

39. Go to six flags

40. Smoke a cigar (iffy)

41. Tell the absolute truth about something important to a stranger

42. Read a book on aforementioned beach.

43. Finish t-shirt quilt

44. See a movie at the Monaco

 45. Make 100 Etsy sales! I’m on 16