Refashion experimenting


Hello All.

Happy Friday. I started going through my closet yesterday in hopes of reducing the size of it and getting rid of or refashioning the clothes that I don’t wear anymore. The above picture is me a few years ago in a polo shirt that my husband had custom made for the occasion. I like the colors (UNA) and it has some sentimental value but I hate polo shirts. I’ve worn it twice when not wearing it specifically for some Leo the Lion related event. I’ve been seeing all of these refashioning posts so I thought I would try my hand at it. After about 15 minutes of pinning and sewing I came up with this.


I much prefer the open neck Henley look. I can’t wait to wear it to ball games in the early fall now.



😉 More refashions to come. And hopefully someone else will take the pics.



I dreamed many a dream..


This week has been Spring break for the husband and all of the rest of the city from elementary to college. It hasn’t been what I expected. I thought I would have all of this time to get all of these various and diversities of things done. That wasn’t exactly how it went. I won’t complain too much though. A lot has happened both good and bad. Today is the first day in as long as I can remember that I am without coffee. The janitor at my office fell over my coffee pot and thus it is no more.

Yesterday, Hubs and I went for a rather long walk at Wildwood park and a drive around the city to accomplish various errands. That is where the above picture comes from. All this fresh air had me thinking of the paths life has thus far taken us on.

About five months ago I started a little shop on Etsy. Most of the things I listed were Christmassy things that I had been making for myself or as Christmas gifts. That was somewhat successful. Then as I really got into making things I discovered that I truly loved it. More than I had previously realized. I began to list more and more things and the more I have made and sold the more a dream has materialized in front of me. I don’t anticipate quitting my day job, but at the same time I would like to make this a substantial supplement. I want to go to craft shows and maybe display my wares in some of our local crafty shops. I want to make this venture more than just a whim. I want to make it successful. Along that line I set goals for myself. Manageable, obtainable goals for each month. I have reached my goal for March, and have in fact surpassed it. I can’t express how proud and excited and scared out of my mind I am.

I’ve had a lot of dreams in my life. When I was seven years old I wanted to be an Egyptologist. As I got a little older I thought I wanted to be everything from a Journalist to an Anthropologist to a Lab Biologist. I have done some of those things, others were never really for me, and still other dreams are still waiting in the wings. I worked in a MIcrobiology lab for years. I worked in a museum for a short stint when I was a teenager. I seriously looked into Anthropology programs when I was 20. What I want now is to be financially stable, happily making things, and to have an awesome job for at least a year. My other dream, for when my children (that consequently are not even born yet) are old enough to be in school is to own a coffee/book/craft shop. Maybe that one will come to pass. Dreams are important. Never give up on them.

Forgive any in-cohesiveness, I blame that on the lack of liquid ambrosia that is coffee.

It is a good day to dream a dream.


Wait…is that Spring on the horizon!!!

Hello all,

I wanted to do this yesterday but as you can see that did not happen. I’ve made something pretty awesome out of what was some piles of fabric.Image

This is a birthday gift for a friend. I was also able to finish and pack up for shipping two pair of cute and cuddly pajama pants. 

On the list of happy things, I believe that Easter Sunday might actually be a clear sunny day!


Have a great Thursday!

More substantial post to come. 


The most Holy Spring Break Week…with snow

Hello all!


It is officially the first day of Spring break/Holy week. Seems like time just flew right by and now March is almost over. Here in North Alabama we somehow decided it would be a good idea to have spring break coinciding with Holy Week. I didn’t have any special plans so this is really fine with me. I was actually anticipating a quiet week in which I could catch up on work at my day job and take part in the Holy Week services.

And then it happened..the plethora of custom orders out of no where. If I am being honest I had already started several things because I knew I wouldn’t be busy with my afternoon job. I was planning to make this week embroidery week.


Embroidery is fun and I am pretty fast so it doesn’t take too long once I have all of the supplies. Then I thought, with help from the hubs, that it might be time to start some seeds inside for when it isn’t snowing and the ground is less had and cold here in a few weeks which led to the purchase of these


I love to garden so this was a great idea.


Well then my Etsy shop kind of took off over the last few days which is great. All of that combines to make a very busy week ahead. But you know what, being busy like this is exactly what I needed.

This will be a great week.




Hopping off the walls excited!

I am officially $0.80 cents away from my goal in Etsy sales for this month!!! I just can’t believe it. I had a plan and I am working toward a goal. It is so awesome to see it come together.


I’m making two of these today for a pair of brothers. If I am extremely careful I can do it from the fabric I have. What an amazingly awesome stupendous day!

Have a lovely Palm Sunday everyone!


Lets talk about the Trees shall we…


I love Trees. I love that they stand before we ever arrived on this earth and that they can stand long after we are gone. I love their immovability. I love their blossom and their evergreen boughs. Trees to me represent so many awesome things. The name of my blog comes from my love of trees. The name of my Etsy shop comes from my love of Trees and some of the things that I make.

I make those wire trees that you see above. When I make them for someone or someone buys them from my shop or gets them as a gift they come with a tag that has the following inscription:

The concept of a tree of life can be seen in science, religion, philosophy, and mythology. A tree of life is a common motif in various world theologies, mythologies, and philosophies. The tree has been used as a mystical concept alluding to the interconnection of all life on our planet; and a metaphor for common descent in the evolutionary sense. I believe it is more than that. Trees can be a metaphor for our lives. A tree starts out in much the same way we do, small and hidden, but it will burst out with roots before too long. Those original roots don’t change much, they just have an ever evolving impact, but trees grow more than just down, they grow up as well. When a tree starts to develop branches, those branches will follow many different paths and go in many different directions. The direction of a trees branch is almost entirely decided by the sun, but in our lives, all the branches stem from the choices that we make. I think the best that we can do in this life is to make those choices and hope for a jewel at the end, much like on this tree. All the branches eventually end, just like the roads that life takes us down, but perhaps we will be able to take something precious from each of the choices we make and the paths we take.

That sums up my philosophy of life and trees as a metaphor for that life.

Do you have a metaphor for life?

Happy Saturday!







Hump day!

I think that I should be congratulated. I made it all the way to Wednesday. This has been a tough week. Lack of sleep combined with tax worries and a heavy work week have all mixed together to make for the nap I just accidentally took sitting up in a chair in my office. That is not to say that this week has been without good things. I have sold two pieces this week. I am working toward my goal. I am not there yet, but I am getting there. Today I thought I would rather excitedly post about the myriad of things I am planning to tackle this weekend and Spring Break/ Holy Week next week.

cake pops

Number one new thing on my list of things to try:

Cake pops!

Another awesome blogger gave me the how to’s and I plan to take some time tomorrow and Friday to make them for friends and family. I recently read a book where the heroine was fascinated by the delights of the cake pop. I’ve been wanting to try one ever since.


Also this weekend I plan to make my Ereader cases to be donated to the Association of Southeastern Biologists Silent Auction that is coming up next month. I’m hoping to make them Biology themed. That will be an exciting adventure. It is being held in Charleston, West Virginia this year. I anticipate that it will be a lot of fun.

Next week will also be the time I have set aside to try and fill out and submit an application for First Friday’s here in Florence. That is a pretty huge step for me. I don’t know how that will go or if it will go anywhere but here’s to hoping.

I’ve also got garters to make and hopefully a camping trip to plan and a Disney trip to get straightened out but I am sure it will all come together.

Spring Break here I come!


Changes…Or all we are is Dust in the Wind

I came to some startling revelations this weekend. Thus the lack of blogging activity. I have never, in all of my 23 years, enjoyed the thought or the action of change. I told myself that I like the status quo, don’t fix it if it isn’t broken…etc. This weekend however I came to the realization that I am afraid of change. That has got to..well..CHANGE!!! I had all of this tension and I finally figured out what it was. I have been trying to stay the same since I was 20 and what I needed to do was embrace the change.


Dad and I

You might be wondering what I need to change. Well pretty much the only thing I think is safe would be my passion for crafting (mostly because that is healthy) and my marriage. Everything else is subject to reform. I think part of my problem up until now is that I saw all of the things that were wrong and wanted to fix them all at once. When I realized I couldn’t I just decided nothing could be fixed which is a terrible attitude. That is impossible. There I said it. I can’t fix everything all at once. Over the next few months I really want to sit down and evaluate everything in my life, all of the ways in which I handle things, all the habits I have formed and either toss or reform them. It needs to happen. It will happen. However the challenge for me, and this is where Steven comes in, is going to be to take it slowly.


Why now? Why decide to be pro change now? There are several reasons. Kansas so famously sang “All we are is dust in the wind”. That has never been truer or resonated more deeply with me than now. My father is dying, and not in that, we are all dying every minute sort of way. His body is going to give out on him within the year. That gives me perspective that I haven’t recently grasped. I forgot over the last few years that I don’t have forever. I only have the breath I am currently inhaling. That is a pretty powerful motivator to get off my ass and change for the better. Change to be happier with my life, with myself and with my circumstances. I want things in my life. While I no longer want to be an Egyptologist (My seven year old self’s dream), I also don’t want to make below poverty level from here on out. I want a baby, several actually. I want to own my own home. I want to visit Europe. I can’t do any of that until I get my self worked out.

So here I go.


Have a wonderful Monday!


Luv True Luv…and then what do I do now

A friend of mine is getting married, actually if I am being truthful, several friends of mine are getting married. I’m thinking of one couple in particular because I have offered to make the garter. Marriage is a pretty normal occurrence in today’s society. Most people get married eventually, and with the winds of social change soon both homosexual and heterosexual couples will get to experience this joy. I think the first thought that comes to mind after you come down off of the newly engaged high is “What now?”. Just precisely how do you go about getting from shiny ring to holy matrimony?


To answer that question I am going to tell a teensy bit of my own story. When I was a teenager I swore off marriage and all marriage related cutesyness. I did this for two distinct and equally important reasons. Firstly, my parents kind of sucked at being married. If they had never gotten married, except for the loss of myself and my siblings, the world would probably be a better place. Secondly, my best friend got married when I was 16. This to me at the time seemed like the worst possible idea because it carried her away from our dearly loved Alabama to Alaska. We got to visit a few times after that but naturally our relationship would never be the same. These events cause me to have what I like to think of as a marriage grudge. The abstract idea of marriage was a good place to dump a lot of my unhappier feelings for me at the time.

Then, before I really realized what was happening, I met Steven. HE of course, changed my opinion on quite a few things and now I am happily married and more than happy to help others achieve marital bliss. However, when I was planning my wedding I had virtually no family help to speak of. My mother did not care for my choice of groom and being the independent soul that I am did not care one fig. Having no mother, but a great host of wonderful friends I made do rather nicely. There was a kind, smart, and rather hilarious Jewish women helped to plan and undertake the task of a wedding on the cheap. We had quite a nice wedding and a lovely reception mostly due to help from friends and a few scattered family.


My experience in all of that taught me a lot. I learned who my friends were, who really cared about me and about us. However I think one of the most important lessons I learned was to not take the whole thing too seriously. Don’t mistake my meaning here. Marriage is serious, and hard, and a lot of work, but the wedding is just fluff. My point (yes, I have one) is that you shouldn’t take the fluff too seriously. Don’t go into debt to have a flufftastic wedding. Let’s face it, once the wedding is over you still have to plan and pay for the rest of your life together. Have fun. Don’t stress. Drink some wine.

Happy Wednesday!